Do you need to edit problematic feeds? It's easy with the Blending Bull app

Do you struggle with unusual data file formats when advertising? Or do you make simple edits and don't want to buy an expensive editor? Take advantage of the new version of the Blending Bull app, which has been enriched with functions for editing XML and CSV feeds.

What is Blending Bull

  • An app that helps marketing specialists or online store staff to edit data feeds in XML, CSV, or other text formats.
  • In practice, users use it to merge data feeds into one output file. It is can be processed by other apps. At the same time, Bull can unify the format of elements if XML files in different formats are combined.
  • Now it can also edit data feeds. These are usually simple needs where a smarter tool is overly robust or special requirements that it does not support.
  • You can also use it, for example, to process data XML into CSV, which are then uploaded to Mergado by a data import rule.
  • More experienced users from the ranks of marketing specialists or agencies will appreciate its versatility. Users with less experience will certainly solve their needs either intuitively or with the help of instructions.

What features Blending Bull has to offer

  • Rules for data editing, which allow you to edit element values, create new elements, delete elements, convert XML to CSV, or vice versa.
  • Adding text to the beginning or end of the data feed is useful for defining your closing elements in XML, or for example for adding a header to the CSV.
  • Merging multiple data sources into one output file. For data sources, you can delete the beginnings and ends of file contents, such as when processing XML feeds.
  • Processing of one data source. It allows you to use powerful functions for editing its content.
  • Fast data processing.
  • File Creation Wizard.
  • Regular data updates.

Edit feeds intuitively. Get the Blending Bull app - it will be a powerful assistant for merging feeds and editing problematic files.


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