What is GLAMI

GLAMI combines elements of a shopping search engine and a social network. It focuses on fashion and accessories and allows customers of online stores to view products, create collections, share, and comment. The data source is a traditional XML feed.

Where can you advertise with GLAMI?

GLAMI operates in 17 European countries and in Brazil. Just recently, it launched in the Baltic countries - Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.





How to advertise on GLAMI?

Any retailer whose online store offers suitable products. Both paid and unpaid modes of advertising are available. At GLAMI, you pay the moment someone clicks on a product and is transferred to your online store. The cost-per-click varies depending on the category of the product and the device from which customers click through to your store. For the free version, you must have a Glami pixel installed on your online store.

All information regarding the feed specification for GLAMI can be found at:

The data source is a traditional XML feed.

The files should be saved at the URL.

All products sent to GLAMI must have a size system and size value filled in correctly. The exceptions are glasses, watches and bags. More info at:

Yes. Glami requires information on the composition of the product, including the percentage of the material in the product, to be mentioned in the feed. This requirement only applies to textile goods. If you do not specify the composition, it will not be possible to promote the product with the PPC system.  More info at:


How can Mergado help you with advertising on GLAMI?

Mergado is a feed marketing tool that allows you to set up advertising in bulk and automatically for a number of comparison shopping sites, including GLAMI.

  • Mergado supports all GLAMI formats.
  • We offer a feed audit for all GLAMI domains and automatically suggest categories from the GLAMI category tree.
  • Our tool also supports GLAMI pixel and GLAMI TOP services. Do you use or want to use some ecommerce platform for advertising on GLAMI? Connect it conveniently with Mergado using the Mergado Pack.
  • You can bulk-edit images that are key to GLAMI in the Feed Image Editor app.


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Mergado Pack and GLAMI



Logo Mergado Glami XML

Use the Mergado Pack module to make a product feed from your online store in the Mergado XML specification. Then use the Mergado App to convert the feed to the GLAMI XML format, which you use to upload your product catalog to the GLAMI site. Set the generating of XML feeds at different times so data always remain up-to-date and reflect changes in your product range. Mergado Pack can also handle a large number of products using the batch export function. You don't have to be afraid to upload your entire product line to GLAMI.



Logo Glami piXel

Mergado Pack supports the implementation of GLAMI piXel easily into your store. Through the piXel service, GLAMI finds out what actions a customer performs on your website and then customizes the list of products on their website according to customer preferences - for example, according to popular colors, brands, prices and the like. The comparator preferentially displays the offer of stores with which customers already have experience and thus helps you increase sales.

Activate GLAMI piXel simply by filling in your API key and enabling the piXel function in the administration of the Mergado Pack module.


Logo Glami TOP

You will definitely use the GLAMI TOP customer review service if it is important for you to be seen on a fashion comparator. Using the questionnaire, GLAMI collects purchase and e-shop reviews from your customers. Once you meet the conditions, your products will be marked with the G-TOP or G-certified badge and significantly more visible to shoppers. Users can better filter your products and this will bring more orders to your store.

Activate the function in the Mergado Pack administration by filling in your GLAMI TOP API key, selecting the appropriate language version and enabling the function. For correct sending of emails with questionnaires, it is still necessary to add DNS records according to the GLAMI specification. At the end of the purchasing process, the function prompts the customer with consent to send a questionnaire. 



Download Mergado Pack plugins hereโฌ‡


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