What Is Kaufland.de?

Kaufland.de belongs to the Schwarz Gruppe and is one of the fastest-growing online marketplaces in Germany. Kaufland.de offers more than 25 million products in 5,000+ categories. They are sold by over 7,000 sellers. The platform records 32 million visits per month.

How can Mergado help you with advertising on Kaufland.de?

Mergado is a feed marketing tool with which you can set up advertising in bulk and automatically for many large comparison engines, including Kaufland.de.

How to advertise on Kaufland.de? 

Sellers on Kaufland.de must have German customer support (at least in writing), and their online store must be translated into German. Only goods with valid EAN codes can be sold here.

  • More information can be found directly on the Kaufland.de website.
  • Seller University guides them through the entire registration process, setting up the store, and processing orders. It provides tips on how to increase sales.

Yes, used goods can also be sold on Kaufland.de. The status of the goods must be defined in the condition/condition element. It takes values: gebraucht - wie neu; gebraucht - sehr gut; gebraucht - gut; gebraucht - akzeptabel. It is possible to attach another verbal description of the product status.

An example of a sale of second-hand goods on Kaufland.de is here:

Kaufland.de accepts the CSV format.

The file needs to be saved to a URL.

Yes, in addition to the feed, it is possible to connect to the idea via the API. Documentation for connection is here: https://www.Kaufland.de/api/v1/

Articles about Kaufland.de

Advertise on the fastest growing marketplace in Germany - Kaufland.de

In April 2021, the Real.de online marketplace became Kaufland.de. Another giant with 32 million monthly visits joined the group of German Internet marketplaces. In the current release, we have added the Kaufland.de format to Mergado, with which you can join more than seven thousand sellers on this platform.