New Feed Image Editor functionalities bring more insight into image marketing

Feed Image Editor has introduced two important innovations. They are the new Products sub-page and individual template diagnostics. And what is it good for? These features give you a better overview of the availability and the processing of your photos. And that is a real advantage.

Make sure your image advertising is flawless

Welcome to the Products sub-page

This page allows you to detect errors in product photos and tells you if you advertise photos of specific products. On the Products sub-page, you have several filters that you can use to search products or groups of them in your merchandise.

Types of filters:

  • Product Name - matches the entered text or contains the selected word
  • Image URL - URL of the photo
  • Group - offers search options between all products, products with the same images or products without the image
  • Status Code - filtering according to image availability
  • Template - Search for both active and suspended templates
Filtering options on the Products page. Source:

Search by elements

In addition to filtering, the Products sub-page offers the ability to search by element. Just select an element and set its value. For example, you are looking for CPCs worth 10¢, you select a CPC element and enter a value of 10. Accordingly, Feed Image Editor will only list CPC = 10 products.

For the corresponding results, you will see the price of the filtered products, their category, and template, and links to the product in the store, Mergado, FIE, and its image. This data can be exported to CSV, which you can simply convert to a spreadsheet editor.

Filtering by elements. Source:

FIE can diagnose products in templates

On the FIE main page you will find another useful tool - diagnosing products from individual templates. For templates at any time, you can easily check their format, date of creation, how many products they contain, and how many of them are processed, and how many errors occurred.

Product diagnostics in templates. Source:

Use the new Feed Image Editor functionalities to the fullest. By using them, you will always know which of your product images are right and which need to be corrected. Do you have ideas on how to move the FIE forward? Don't keep it to yourself and write us to our support.

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