Mergado Marketing Pack module for WooCommerce


Do you use Wordpress with WooCommerce module for your eCommerce store? Then download the Mergado Marketing Pack module for WooCommerce. It will help you create better XML data files. And it’s for free!

We are continuously developing the modul and in the following versions we plan on adding more marketing functions, e.g. conversion measuring for AdWords and Sklik PPC systems, settings for “Certified by Customers” certificate, etc.


To download the current version click here:
Mergado Marketing Pack version 1.0 for WooCommerce download

Functions overview:

First module versin 1.0:

  • generating Mergado Product XML feed, which is a unique data format, from which you are able to generate any XML feed (for any comparison shopping service) in Mergado
  • loging individual actions in module for easier technical support

module version 1.0.3:

  • fixed errors in export of products with multiple variants (some values did not export, e.g. DESCRIPTION_SHORT)

module version 1.0.4:

  • modified export function, to work better with product export limits (under certain circumstances only 50 products were exported, now there is no limit)

Mergado Marketing Pack module for Woocommerce checks automatically for newer version and gives you a notification in administration (under Modules/Plugins) if there is one. After module instalation you get a notice of a newer version availability.