Heureka is the most used search engine for goods in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In addition to quality price comparison, it provides several advanced features, such as a Verified by Customers certificate, purchase guarantee, number of surveys, and more.

On October 1, 2019, the independent Heureka Group separated from the Mall Group. Its activities are mainly aimed at connecting the content and creating a common platform, which will contain a broad catalog of products from the participating shopping engines. At the same time, it will function as a ticket to foreign markets within the CEE region without the need to locate the online store in each country.

How can Mergado help you with advertising on Heureka?

Mergado is a feed marketing tool that allows you to set up advertising in bulk and automatically for a number of comparison shopping sites, including Heureka.

  • Mergado supports both Heureka formats.
  • We offer a feed audit for Heureka domains and automatically suggest categories from the Heureka category tree.
  • Our tool also supports Heureka Verified by Customers and Heureka conversion tracking services. Do you use or want to use some ecommerce platform for advertising on Heureka? Connect it conveniently with Mergado using the Mergado Pack.
  • Don't forget to use the Bidding Fox application - with its help you can automatically set prices per click, so-called bidding.
  • Automate pricing on the online store and get rid of the need to manually revalue products with the Pricing Fox application.
  • You can bulk-edit images that are key to Heureka in the Feed Image Editor app.
  • Not sure how to match products? Get the Pairing Bear app, with which you pair the goods on Heureka in a few clicks.



How to advertise on Heureka?

Any retailer whose online store offers suitable products. Both paid and unpaid modes of advertising are available. At Heureka, you pay the moment someone clicks on a product and is transferred to your online store. The cost-per-click varies depending on the category of the product and the device from which customers click through to your store.

All information regarding the feed specification for Heureka can be found at: https://sluzby.heureka.cz/napoveda/xml-feed/

The data source is a traditional XML feed.

The files should be saved at the URL.

All products shipped to Heureka must have a size system and size value filled in correctly. More on: https://blog.heureka.cz/2020/03/30/povinne-parametry-v-mode-a-nabytku/

Yes. Heureka requires information on the composition of the product, including the parameters color, material, and branding in the XML feed. Heureka also recommends specifying parameters such as style, cut, pattern, type, etc. The more detailed the product description you provide, the greater the chance of finding it and the higher the probability of purchase from your store.

More on: https://blog.heureka.cz/2020/03/30/povinne-parametry-v-mode-a-nabytku/

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