The top comparison search engine in the Czech Republic, Heureka.cz, offers, in addition to price comparison, many advanced features such as the Ověřeno zákazníky certificate, the ShopRoku competition, and more. Heureka also operates in Slovakia.

Heureka and Mergado

Mergado provides features for increasing traffic and revenue from Heureka. Also, it has several apps for easier advertising at Heureka, which further accelerate its performance with advanced settings - such as Bidding Fox.

Articles on advertising at Heureka.cz:

Advertise on Árukereső.hu, Hungary's largest shopping engine

Have you successfully penetrated neighboring markets with your online store, and are you thinking about where to go next? Hungarian e-commerce has been said for several years to be one of the most ideal targets for expanding online stores. And where else in Hungary to start advertising than on the most popular local shopping engine Árukereső.

A great overview of Slovak e-commerce in 2020

In recent years, the Slovak online market has grown strong on the map of European e-commerce. Thanks to the low costs of online store administration and the fast growth rate, which rose to 16% year-on-year, it is the target of foreign merchants.

Set up shipping for well-known comparison engines and advertising systems

A well-set offer of courier services and the price of shipping are the crucial competitive weapons of online stores advertising on search engines. In our guide, we will show you how to set the rules for the price of shipping in Mergado.