Training course for agencies

In order to be able to undertake the test and be Mergado certified, agencies need to undergo a training course. It is designated toadvanced Mergado users, SEO consultants, PPC advertising managers and other experts in marketing agencies.

The training course will include:

  • Czech comparison shopping engines:, Heureka, Google Shopping – how their advertising works, what are the differences and technical aspects of advertising.
  • Slovak comparison shopping engines: Heureka,,
  • Other comparison shopping engines where paid advertising is relevant.
  • Paid advertising management on, Heureka
  • Examples of advertising rentability comparison between traditional PPC campaign (Sklik, Adwords), catalogues (, SEO and other online store promotion possibilities.
  • First steps with Mergado platform.
  • Examples of comparison shopping engine advertising implementation into a day life of a marketing agency.
  • Q&A