Developers, get paid for developing apps for Mergado Store!

About app development for Mergado Store

Once Mergado was just an app. That is no longer true. Today it is more a platform. Platform that connects online marketing specialists and app developers. While marketers can use Mergado to increase their online store sales, developers can create and sell their apps.

How does Mergado help app developers?

Technology: We provide AppCloud where the platform runs, powerful API with data, and a tool for getting your app into Mergado user interface. These tools accelerate the development.

Business: Mergado will collect the app price from users. 70 % of that amount goes to the developer. 30 % of the app price is used by Mergado for further platform development.

Marketing: Mergado team informs users about new apps through blog, email and other channels. This way we help to grow the number of paying users.

Why develop for Mergado

  • Fast development and tools for working with big data.
  • No need for businessmen, marketers. Just a good app and Mergado will do the rest.
  • Help with training, app design, problem solving, etc.
  • Long term price collection.

Documents for developers

How to start developing for Mergado

If you are interested don’t hesitate to contact us:
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