Quality marketing is based on quality data

Don’t wait for the programmer to have time. Earn more from your product data today. With Mergado, you can customize everything yourself. With minimal time and financial investment. 

Increase sales

Easily expand to a new sales channel

Higher ROI

Advertising will be of higher quality. You won’t pay for non-relative clicks. 

Ad automation

Automate your data with intelligent rules.

No more unnecessary errors

Mergado will notify you of errors on its own. 

Customize feed

Mergado will customize your feed to the requirements of the advertising channels. Just upload it to the app. Mergado has 1,000+ preset feed formats, but also a custom format with which you can create your own feed. 

Pairing products and categories

Fed up with manually pairing product by product? Mergado pairs individual products to the right categories for you. Thanks to AI, it knows which products belong to which categories and always suggests them to you. 

Product segmentation

Don’t sell sleds in the summer. With Mergado, you can choose which products go into the ad and which don’t. This will increase the relevance of your clicks and save you money. For example, you can advertise only those that are profitable or those on which you have the largest margins. 

Feed editing

Quality data is a big advantage when fighting your competitors. The more data you send to advertising portals, the better your products will appear to potential customers. With Mergado, you can easily edit formats like XML, CSV, TXT or JSON or include carriers, Google labels or special product gifts in your feed in bulk.

PPC automation

With Mergado smart rules, you can set up your advertising so that you don’t have to constantly check and edit it. You simply set the terms of how you want your ad to behave. For example, under what circumstances it will show the selected products. 

Connection to 650+ platforms

Connect to new channels and show your products to potential customers. With format converters, expansion to any product comparison site or marketplace is just a matter of a few clicks.

30 days free trial

Sign up for Mergado and earn more from your product data. 

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