Our story

We’re Mergado. Our mission is to help online retailers and marketers increase profits on all types of advertising channels from comparison shopping, marketplaces and social networks to affiliate networks.

Mergado in numbers

14 years of tradition

17 000+ users 

120+ agencies and specialists 

2 billion regenerated products per day 

1,000+ integrations in 50+ countries

Mergado’s mission

We want you to earn as much as possible on advertising portals using modern feed management.

We’ve been striving for this since 2010, when we started developing Mergado Editor. It allows you to build successful advertising using smart tools and automated features.

A successful business can’t do without knowledge. That’s why we regularly organize free training courses or annual conferences like Mergado Fest.

Our values

We want our customers to benefit from our work on a regular basis. What helps us achieve this? An accurate understanding of user needs, an emphasis on a quality team, honesty in all situations and daily self-improvement.

We work together to create a culture that fosters creative and independent work. We prove to our customers every day that practice, creativity and collaboration are powerful tools to help them realize their dreams.

Our team

Mergado is based in Brno. It is made up of a diverse team of talented and skilled people who are pushing the boundaries of how e‑commerce employees can reach their full potential. We enjoy coming up with solutions to big and small problems in the industry.

Our team includes tireless IT professionals who tame big data and love Python and Nette, as well as versatile consultants for whom no problem you have is unsolvable. But it’s also made up of talented creatives who keep you up to date with everything that’s happening at Mergado.


The history of Mergado software dates back to 2010. This is when the idea of Mergado Editor itself was conceived — a tool for optimizing product data inside XML feeds. At first, its founder Michal Janík used it only for his internal needs. But when he started to realize that such software would be appreciated by a large number of colleagues from the marketing industry, he decided to offer the tool publicly. 

Mergado gained its first customers two years later.Since then, the number has grown to nearly 20,000.

We are benchmark in our field

7000 +


21 +


650 +