For the fourth year in a row, Mergado has been helping me optimize feeds and manage the advertising of my clients. Over the years, Mergado itself has moved a lot. The guys from the development are very open to new ideas and do not resist suggestions, which is great because you usually don't see that much. Editing is important, but I can also control advertising by adjusting feeds with inefficient products, set CPC, etc. Of course, without having to do it in the shop or having it solved by a programmer. Overall, I can't imagine working with feeds without Mergado.

Ondřej Hamouz logo
Ondřej Hamouz

Mergado is one of the tools that no online store should miss if it is serious about its business in online marketing. In addition to saving time on feed processing or bidding settings, the tool will also save you money spent on programmers and introduce an overview to your feeds and advertising. As a bonus, you get quality support and, in time, great friends.

Unikum logo
Jana Dzuričková, Inbound Team Leader,

Without Mergado, some of my clients would be "bungled." Mergado helps exactly where the possibilities of online stores end. Or the possibilities of the client as such. Over the years, it has moved incredibly forward in functionality, technical support, and tweaks when working with the XML feed.

Petra Mikulášková logo
Petra Sedláková Mikulášková, Online Store Audits, and Google Analytics Specialist

I have been working with Mergado for the second year now. A year and a half as a certified specialist. I must say that thanks to Mergado, my life is easier. At Effectix, I take care not only of comparison engines but also of PPC management. When managing comparison engines, I work for my clients exclusively with Mergado. It saved me a lot of torn hair and many hours of communication with clients' programmers. I can take care of most of the adjustments in the feed myself. I can prepare feeds for individual platforms, but also for Google Shopping or colleagues for Facebook. My work with "comparison engines'' is so much easier. The Mergado apps also save me a lot of time, and thanks to Bidding Fox and Pairing Bear I have more time for other tasks. The icing on the cake is great support from Mergado. Whether in the form of prompt and helpful helpdesk responses or a wide range of tutorials.

To sum it up, I recommend Mergado to everyone who works for clients with feeds.

Lukáš Bastl, PPC Specialist, Effectix

Without Mergado, we can no longer imagine our work. The tool helps us to facilitate and speed up work not only with comparison engines. We can modify the feed without the need to interfere with the original. It also saves money and time because we don't need to involve programmers or wait for modifications by the client. Working with the tool is easy and intuitive. We also appreciate communication with the entire Mergado team and the constant new updates and improvements. A lot of performance for little money.

logo ebrána
Eliška Bielková, Online Marketing Specialist

Mergado is a handy tool that allows you to segment products for individual marketing channels, optimize product information, or add new elements to the feed, for example for bidding purposes. It is easy to use and does not require advanced technical skills, while it always adapts quickly to our demands and specifications, as well as the requirements of our clients.

biano logo
Martin Mikolas, Business development

Mergado is a great helper in managing our clients' campaigns. We don't have to wait for programmer modifications, and it saves both our and our clients time. However, the savings are mainly financial. The client is always excited when he learns that he does not have to pay for the creation of four feeds. We only need one, and we will take care of the rest.

We also actively use other apps, such as Bidding Fox, which helps us with automatic bidding. We also like Pairing Bear, which makes it easier to match items on Heureka.

Markéta Gramesová, PPC Team Leader, Advisio

We appreciate the cooperation between Mergado and Zboží.cz. Mutual communication is a major part of cooperation for us. We can always rely on the quick incorporation of changes that we make in the XML feed. At the same time, we appreciate their initiative in educating people in the field and sharing experiences, and we are happy to participate in these events. We are glad that Mergado is one of our key partners, and we look forward to furthering our cooperation.

logo zboží.cz

The Mergado app has made it easier and faster to work with XML feeds for a long time. A great advantage is the simple adjustment of feeds without the need for the intervention of programmers. We can very quickly and efficiently tune the pairing of products on comparison engines or set bidding. Thanks to Mergado, we can also react flexibly to any changes in requirements from advertising systems and immediately adapt XML feeds to these new requirements. I definitely recommend Mergado!

peckadesign logo
Andrea Kramecová, Online Marketing Specialist

For us at Invelity, the Mergado tool is one of the most popular tools we use as PPC specialists. It is one of the tools we use on a daily basis. We can solve most of the problems promptly. It helps us a lot in managing Heureka, where we can very quickly and flexibly add products or add custom elements to feeds. In addition to Heureka, it also helps us in other media. The Mergado team, which is extremely helpful, also deserves great praise.       

Invelity logo
Libor Toporcer, Team leader & Strategy director, Invelity

Mergado is a tool that I, as a PPC specialist, use all day, every day. Given the condition of the client's online stores and how long any adjustments take, Mergado allows me to bend any feed in a matter of minutes. For the time I have been using it, it has not happened to me that I couldn't solve any problem. The Mergado support is amazing. They respond quickly, objectively, and help with everything they can. I appreciate other apps that help advertise on portals that are difficult to optimize (Favi, Biano, GLAMI, etc.). Thank you for this wonderful tool that is not overpriced.
Miroslav Beran
PPC Specialist

Mergado is a very useful tool for me to work with client feeds. I manage many online stores, and almost every one of them has something to improve. Mergado allows me to edit feeds in a user-friendly environment. In a moment, I have a streamline my work without problems and increase sales to the client. I often use various feed fixes and add-ons such as Feed Image Editor. Another excellent and often used functionality is the automatic completion of categories according to the requirements of individual systems. It makes work a lot easier.

Instinct Agency
Jan Křelina
Senior PPC Specialist - Instinct Agency

We perceive Mergado as a useful tool and as a team of e-commerce experts. From our data, we can see that the online stores that use Mergado gain, on average, higher pairing and thus higher orders from Heureka. We are glad that Mergado is part of our partner program, and we cooperate on a product and marketing level. Last but not least, we appreciate the workshops and education that this Brno-based group offers.

heureka logo
Jan Kotek
Business Development Manager - / sk

In Fragile, Mergado makes it very easy for us to work with feeds, which has become important not only for online stores. It allows us to test different variants, fix bugs, and add variables to the not always perfect feeds. In addition, everything can be edited clearly and in bulk according to defined rules in a user-friendly environment. It saves us time and considerable money for our clients. The support of the tool and the possibility of extension using additional applications is also perfect.

logo fragile
David Karas
Performance & Branding Specialist - Fragile

Nowadays, Mergado is a must-have for everyone serious about e-commerce. It saves the UNIFER's time in the management of comparison engines, their feeds, segmentation, and much more. Thanks to this, we can focus our attention on other activities and benefits for the client. In addition, Mergado can do more and more. On behalf of UNIFER, I appreciate that the Mergado team knows what agencies and marketers need and can develop their tools quickly. Great customer support, including professional and yet friendly workshops, is the icing on the cake and the reason why I keep my fingers crossed for the whole Mergado team! Keep on going, ladies and gentlemen!

logo unifer
Kamil Pavlíček

In fact, the "pre-Mergado" period was quite a nightmare for online store operators. Shoptet clients also had problems with the feed, not to mention tailor-made stores. Hours and hours of repairs, negotiations with programmers. But it's all over, and thanks to Mergado, we have radically expanded. With it and other clever Czech companies, we can dig every online store out of the abyss of Internet history. I really appreciate the never-ending development of the application itself. But also the releases of smart Mergado extensions, such as Bidding Fox or Feed Image Editor. Thanks for everything and for the opportunity to grow our businesses.

Ondřej Vodehnal, CTO, FILIPES MEDIA

Mergado is a handy tool that lets you segment your products for each marketing channel, optimize your product information, or add new elements to your feed, e.g. for bidding. It is easy to use and does not require advanced technical skills, while always adapting quickly to our requirements and specifications as well as the requirements of its clients.

biano logo
Martin Mikolas, Business development

Thanks to Mergado, we have great insight and control over our advertising on comparison shopping websites as well as our PPC advertising in all 16 countries where Footshop is active. With the help of the universal Mergado feed, we managed to relieve our IT department from creating a lot of XML feeds and use their capacity for time-consuming tasks associated with running an online store. We recommend Mergado to all online stores that want to effectively manage their advertising on both the domestic and foreign markets.

footshop logo
Filip Druska, Performance Marketing Manager at Footshop

We appreciate Mergado as a great tool which helps us to integrate some of our partners to smoothly. We value the customer-centric approach of Mergado's team and the fact they try to absorb our feedback and constantly implement new features to make the tool even more powerful.

FAVI Romania
Jan Zajic, Co-owner FAVI

Mergado allowed us to save a lot of time and help us promote the products of easier and faster on different channels. The tool is very simple and efficient for a lot of needs.

Decathlon Romania
Dragos BRINZA, Leader Online Service at