Marek Žáček
marketing specialist in
The pricing for the app is great considering the huge time savings and the ability to be more efficient.

Martin Dlouhý
online marketing specialist, AITOM
Why Mergado? It’s a tool that saves me time and nerves :-)

Pavla Holomková
SEO and PPC specialist 
MERGADO does great things and makes our work incredibly efficient.

Ing. Michaela Gilarová
On-line marketing specialist — bV24
Thanks to MERGADO and its tools, we at bV24 can really make the most of the comparison tools for our clients. 

Janka Szabová
Managino Agency
It significantly saves time and manual labor, ensuring greater efficiency and more time to devote to other activities that are important in supporting clients’ growth.

Michal Jankovič
I don’t know of a better tool for optimizing XML feeds.

Ondřej Hamouz
The guys from the development are very open to new ideas and do not resist suggestions, which is great because you usually don’t see that much. 

Jana Dzuričková
Inbound Team Leader,
One of the tools that no online store should miss if it is serious about its business.

Petra Sedláková Mikulášková
Online Store Audits, and Google Analytics Specialist
MERGADO helps exactly where the possibilities of online stores end.

Lukáš Bastl
PPC Specialist, Effectix
I recommend MERGADO to everyone who works for clients with feeds.

Eliška Bielková
Online Marketing Specialist
Working with the tool is easy and intuitive.

Markéta Gramesová
PPC Team Leader, Advisio
We don’t have to wait for programmer modifications, and it saves both our and our clients time.

Andrea Kramecová
Online Marketing Specialist
simple adjustment of feeds without the need for the intervention of programmers. 

Libor Toporcer
Team leader & Strategy director, Invelity
MERGADO tool is one of the most popular tools we use as PPC specialists.

Miroslav Beran
PPC Specialist
Thank you for this wonderful tool that is not overpriced.

Jan Křelina
Senior PPC Specialist — Instinct Agency 
How Jan Křelina works with Mergado

David Karas
Performance & Branding Specialist — Fragile
What David Karas says about Mergado

logo fragile
Kamil Pavlíček
MERGADO is a must-have for everyone serious about e‑commerce.

Ondřej Vodehnal
With MERGADO, we can dig every online store out of the abyss of Internet history.

Online stores and platforms

Jakub Tichý
online store manager in
MERGADO’s environment is easy to understand and use.

Veronika Tomanová online store owner
The Mergado application helps us a lot, it has helped us to increase our sales with minimal costs.

Mgr. Jiří Trávníček
Marketing manager — TESCOMA
MERGADO enables us to streamline sales in several European countries.

Eva Maňasová
Online store DOG’S CORNER owner
The MERGADO app is a great solution for anyone who needs to increase sales at minimal cost.

Tomáš Dillenz
PPC specialist — Bauhaus
A big plus for a beginner are the regular training sessions, which are free of charge.

Matúš Šenšel
With today’s shortage of programmers, Mergado allows us to flexibly, quickly and easily modify our robust XML input feeds…

Adriana Tikalová
Online marketing specialist — KNIHY DOBROVSKÝ
Mergado makes editing feeds much easier.

We can always rely on the quick incorporation of changes that we make in the XML feed. 

Jan Kotek
Business Development Manager — / sk
Online stores using MERGADO, gain, on average, higher pairing and thus higher orders from Heureka. 

Martin Mikolas
Business Development
Mergado and

Filip Druska
Performance Marketing Manager at Footshop
Recommend MERGADO to all online stores that want to effectively manage their advertising on both the domestic and foreign markets.

Jan Zajic, Co-owner FAVI 
Co-owner FAVI
They try to absorb our feedback and constantly implement new features to make the tool even more powerful.

Leader Online Service at
Saves a lot of time and help us promote our products easier and faster on different channels.

Martin Mikolas
Business development
Mergado is a handy tool that allows you to segment products for individual marketing channels, optimize product information, or add new elements to the feed, for example for bidding purposes. 

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