Number of items *
up to 10 000
Number of items *
up to 50 000
Number of items *
up to 200 000
Number of items *
above 200 000
  • *Total number of items in all output feeds.
  • Discount: 6-month prepayment 10%, 12-month prepayment 20%.
  • All prices are excluding VAT.


  • With each tariff, you are able to create exports for comparison shopping sites (see a full list here) and bulk edit your store’s data using queries and rules.
  • You can expand your possibilities for advertising management by activating paid apps in the Mergado store. Their price is not included in the tariff.
  • The final tariff reflects the total sum of all items in all feeds. You pay for each online store (i.e., each domain) separately.
  • After a 30-day free trial, the app goes automatically into a paid mode. Before the end of the trial period you will receive an email notice.
  • Basic support is free for all tariffs. VIP support is charged 70 €/hour. We create only the initial connection to the advertising system for you, no administration or analytics. In this case, we recommend to contact our certified agencies. If you are interested in VIP support, mail us at
  • If you have any further questions contact us at