Mergado for partners

With Mergado you are one step ahead

  • Extend the range of your services
  • Save time by bulk editing
  • Expand Mergado with apps for more advanced advertising management – automatic bidding, product image editing, automatic pricing
  • Get certified as a confirmation of expertise in feed management and mastering the tool
  • Manage an unlimited number of clients-online stores
  • Penetrate both domestic and foreign markets with 400+ supported advertising channels
  • Get free online support for each tariff (9am – 4pm, Mon–Fri)

The most common Mergado use-cases

  • Fast and easy feed editing without the intervention of the client or a developer
  • Automating feed editing with filters, rules, and macros
  • Mapping products into categories and product cards
  • Checking the feed with automatic audit according to the specification of each channel

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Mergado pricing

The tool is paid for by the agency

Agency is billed for all accounts managed in Mergado in one invoice. Agency then charges each client for services provided including the fee for Mergado.

The tool is paid for by the online store

Agency is only an editor of accounts of each client. Mergado bills each client separately and the online store pays directly to Mergado. Agency charges the clients only for the management service.

Detailed information can be found in our pricing.

Start managing client feeds today

Register to get a 30-day free trial and try all Mergado features on your clients’ data. There is no commitment so you can cancel anytime. Or launch a free online audit of your clients' feeds (no registration required) and find out what condition is their data in.


Our support manager Radim Zhor will be happy to help you with the initial setup. You can also arrange a 30-minute demo of the product with Radim.


Technical support and help

You can contact our support at or with any technical issues.

Tips and knowledge that will come in handy when working with Mergado can be found on our    blog, in our online    help, or on our     Youtube channel.

And because two heads are better than one, you can also draw on the experience of active users in our      forum.