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Gain a competitive advantage by using Mergado System tools and become one of our certified partners.

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Certification as proof of expertise

Beat your competition with Mergado

Are you a freelancer or an agency that offers e‑commerce services? Show your clients that you’re the real expert in the market. With Mergado certification, you’ll get a badge of your expertise as well as plenty of partner benefits.

*You must renew your certification every two years according to the current terms and conditions on the website. 

How to become partner

To become a certified partner, you must be an agency or freelancer, have at least one year of experience managing at least two online stores in Mergado, complete our training, and pass the Mergado certified test. 

*To qualify for a partnership, your agency must have at least one certified specialist. 

Requierements for the badge


Requierements  Gold Silver Bronze
Duration of using Mergado 3 years 2 years 1 year
Number of managed stores 6+ 4+ 2+
Completed courses M1 + M2 + R1 + R2 M1 + M2 + R1 M1 + M2
Number of paid apps 2 1 0

Advantages of Mergado partnership

Partnership advantages Gold Silver Bronze
Mergado consultation (per year) 3 hours  2 hours 1 hour
1 app consultation 30 mins (per year)
Profile on our web
Badge by level
LinkedIn badge

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