Get started with Mergado

Why comparison shopping engines?

A comparison shopping engine is a platform with high conversion, which users target when they intend to buy. Their conversion is therefore much higher than for example with standard PPC advertising. Moreover, with Mergado you can manage your advertising on comparison shopping engines without interventions in the store’s administration.
Advertising on comparison engines is convenient for most online stores and products. Only when selling unique products consider carefully if such advertising can pay off.

What is Mergado?

Mergado is a tool for feed correction. It works online, you don’t need to install anything. With Mergado you can manage your advertising from anywhere and with unlimited number of users.

How to start with Mergado

  1. First create an account
  2. Import your XML feeds into Mergado here
  3. Connect Mergado with Comparison shopping engines
  4. Find the errors in the feed
  5. Correct the errors
  6. Activate apps

Using an agency

If you don’t have time or will to study to be able to use Mergado by yourself, you can approach one of our certified agencies. Their specialists work with Mergado every day and can turn their experience into your time and cost savings.

Run a free XML audit

With the help of our XML audit you can uncover the basic formal errors of the 13 most common feed formats. Audit is for free and without any engagement. Most of the found errors can be fixed with Mergado. To be able to run an audit you just need a URL address of your XML feed.

Read through our Help and FAQ

In the FAQ section you can find the most common issues our users usually run into when starting with Mergado.

Or use the Mergado guide and help section to learn step by step all of the Mergado functions.

Reading through paragraphs doesn’t really work for you? Visit our Youtube channel and find our instruction video series.

Some users like to discuss their issues. If that’s your case you can make use of Mergado forum. There are certified specialists ready to help you with your issues.