Get certified!

Why get certified?

Mergado is a useful tool for managing product catalogs for comparison shopping sites and marketplaces. With Mergado, you will expand the portfolio of services you can offer to customers. Setting up and controlling Mergada is not complicated - if you already use some marketing tools, it will not be a problem for you.

For online stores that seek the services of a marketing agency, the certificate is a sign of quality and experience in working with Mergado.

What are the benefits?

Being a Mergado certified agency, you can benefit from:

  • references - we refer our clients seeking help to the certified agencies list on our website
  • agency profile on the Mergado website
  • Certified agency/Certified partner banner for the agency website
  • a Certified specialist banner for your personal website
  • LinkedIn certificate,
  • access to the Mergado Academy

Certificate requirements

To become a Mergado certified partner or certified agency you need to:

  • know Mergado and actively use it,
  • manage at least 2 online store in Mergado,
  • complete the free online 'Get started with Mergado' webinar
  • pass an online test

Certification process 

After participating in the 'Get started with Mergado' webinar you can ask for the certification test. We will email you a link to the test and you will have 24 hours window to complete the test (the test itself takes much less). For the purposes of the test, you will need to create test exports in Mergado which will be deleted after passing the test.

The test includes both theoretical and practical questions to check your knowledge of using Mergado.

After completing the test, please allow us roughly a week to check your answers and send you the results. In case of minor errors, you can correct them right away and pass successfully. In case of major errors you will be able to try again after six months.

Certificate validity

The Mergado certificate is awarded for 2 years. After that, you will get a notice and instructions on how to proceed.

Certificate portability

In case you are a certified specialist from agency A and you transfer to an agency B, you can keep your Mergado specialist certificate. However, if in agency A there is no other certified specialist, the agency certification is suspended. Please keep us updated about any such changes to be able to keep our website list up-to-date.