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We are a digital marketing agency and we focus on creating and executing effective bespoke campaigns. All of our work is built on data, creativity and a wealth of experience with long-standing clients who are companies in a variety of industries. We’re happy to help you with online promotion, whether you’re in the travel, beauty, electronics or energy industries.

The agency was certified on 31. 7. 2014

Radim Pelanek

Certified experts

Our services include everything in the field of online marketing. We can help you with creating an online marketing strategy. We take care of buying media space, managing social networks, establishing cooperation with influencers, setting up PPC, RTB and other performance campaigns. We will help you expand into foreign markets, take care of content creation (copywriting, video, photo production), optimize your website for search engines (SEO) and help you with data analytics.

Mergado helps us greatly with optimizing XML feeds and saves us and our clients time. Contact us and together we will come up with the best solution!


  • PPC
  • SEO
  • Expansion to foreign markets
  • Comparison shopping sites