PHP developer: Brno

Do you want to become part of the Mergado platform? Our tool has more than twelve years-long tradition. It is popular with many successful marketing agencies and a large number of online store operators. We are looking for a new colleague and would like to hire a new partner as a PHP developer.

What will be the content of your work

As a PHP developer, you will design our main Mergado application in collaboration with other team members. We use PHP in Mergado primarily for the frontend (in the Nette framework), together with JavaScript (or TypeScript) on the client side, to which we sometimes increase the direct interactivity of our UI less and sometimes really much. You will also develop the applications we offer through the Mergado Store and handle the background itself for other third-party applications.

Useful knowledge:

  • PHP 8+ programming language and object-oriented programming
  • Nette framework
  • writing tests (we use Nette Tester)
  • MariaDB, MySQL
  • JavaScript (or TypeScript)
  • markup languages ​​(XML)
  • Git versioning system and GitHub services
  • You don't have to know everything. Just be keen to learn.

What technologies do we use?

  • PHP (Nette), TypeScript, React.js - frontend
  • Python powers the Mergado backend and provides logic for data processing.
  • MariaDB (our primary database), MongoDB (temporary data storage without a fixed schema), Redis (storage serving primarily as a message broker, secondarily as an in-memory cache), ElasticSearch (for static data).
  • Docker for local development and production deployment.
  • Celery is an asynchronous queue providing distributed data processing and communication between frontend and backend.
  • HTTP REST API provides a user interface API for working with statistical data processed and aggregated by a standalone application written in Python.
  • SQLAlchemy, Flask, lxml, and many more.

And what do we offer?

  • full-time employment
  • flexible working hours
  • a friendly team of professionals who enjoy their work and like to go out for a beer or laser game
  • office in Brno on Minská street (a lounge, two kitchens, a shower for cyclists in short)
  • participation in lectures, conferences, and hacketones
  • current regime: one day in the office, the rest of the week at the home office - in the office, you will get your own, comfortable place

Why work at Mergado?

  • We are a team of seniors and juniors who work with a wide range of modern technologies. We have several backend servers, a huge SQL database for "flow" data, and terabytes of statistical data in a PostgreSQL database, from which we try to mine interesting information and visualize it to users.
  • We use Redis and MongoDB. We use our own OAuth2 server, our "Rotten" and "Fresh" XML parsers, and the query language MQL (Mergado Query Language).
  • When developing our application, we work on both large and small tasks. Every developer is thus involved in determining the direction we will continue to take.
  • We educate each other by organizing developer lectures in our "Nekavárna" or during online meetings. Sometimes, we do picnics, ski trips, and other events to strengthen our party.

How to proceed?

Are you interested in our job offer? Just contact me, and attach a CV, a few words about yourself, and a code sample. We will have an online meeting or a coffee in the office - I will show you the place, introduce our team, answer questions and try to find possibilities for cooperation.

Please, contact me at

For the Mergado application development team, Development Director David.



How does it look in Mergado


Mergado Developers Team


We have a park near the office, which we use for relaxation, but also for meetings.


We like to go on various trips. The last time we went to the Pavlov Archeopark.


Alternatively, we like to go go-karting.



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