Gain easily new source of income in few clicks

Easily get your product offers on today’s most popular shopping platforms. With Mergado, you can create profitable marketplaces advertising yourself without the need to employ a programmer.

Marketplaces are platforms that bring together sellers’ goods with and without online stores. These digital storefronts operate by brokering sales, from which merchants pay them a fee. Currently, more online orders are placed on them than on channels such as comparison shopping sites or social media, and this trend is set to grow in the future. Marketplaces are also growing in popularity with shoppers as they find the largest selection of goods in one place.

Reasons, why sell on marketplaces

Benefits for sellers

You will reach thousands of potential customers right at the final stage of the purchase. Open up this new revenue stream quickly and with a low investment. Marketplaces collect large amounts of data about your customers, which you can use to better personalize your advertising. Before expanding into a new region, marketplaces make it easy to compare yourself to local competitors.

Benefits for buyers

They can easily compare product prices here. Reviews and ratings confirm that marketplaces are trustworthy and safe for shopping. They offer quality personalization and a convenient shopping process. Customers buy all their goods in one place.

Try Mergado Marketplaces app

Allows periodic synchronization of availability every 15 minutes. It makes it quick and easy to find products. You pay a single price per online store regardless of the number of products. Set everything up conveniently in Mergado’s intuitive user interface. 

Connection to 650+ platforms

Connect to new channels and show your products to potential customers. With format converters, expansion to any product comparison site or marketplace is just a matter of a few clicks.

Try Mergado for free

Give bulk editing of product data a chance. The first 30 days of using Mergado are free. But be warned: you’ll probably never want to go back to manual editing.

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