Earn more from PPC ads with quality data

With Mergado, you can easily customize your product data and open new sales channels. All in a few clicks yourself, without waiting for a programmer.

How Mergado streamlines your marketing

Goods segmentation

Only advertise products that are worthwhile. In Mergado, you can easily segment your products, for example by seasonality, category or margin, and send these to your adverts.

Labeling products

With smart rules, you can automatically label your products in Mergado for easier work in PPC systems. You’ll run ads faster and won’t have to worry about manually selecting products. 

Matching products with categories

Don’t waste time manually assigning products to the correct categories. Leave it to Mergado, which knows the category trees of all advertising systems.

Remove errors in feed

Enough with the products being rejected. Are you missing GTIN, EAN, ID or any other element? Mergado will alert you to these deficiencies and recommend quick data edits.

Connection to 650+ platforms

Connect to new channels and show your products to potential customers. With format converters, expansion to any product comparison site or marketplace is just a matter of a few clicks.

Try Mergado for free

Give bulk editing of product data a chance. The first 30 days of using Mergado are free. But be warned: you’ll probably never want to go back to manual editing.

We are benchmark in our field

We are trusted by the biggest professionals in the industry. Come join them. 

Find out more

Case studies

Discover both traditional and non-traditional uses of Mergado. Read case studies written by professionals who work with Mergado.

Knowledge base

Curious how Mergado works? We’ve put together a detailed help guide full of useful instructions. 


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