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No more rejected products in advertising. Show your products to all potential customers. With Mergado, you will improve your product data, save time and increase profits.

Advertise on comparison sites with Mergado


Get another stable source of income for your online store. Visitors to comparison shopping sites are in the last shopping phase. They already know what they want and are just looking for where to buy at the best price. With quality product data, you can get more conversions at a lower cost. 

Rejected products

Get your entire portfolio on the comparison websites, not just a few random products. Mergado can help you do that. It analyzes the feed and adjusts it to the engine’s specifications. You’ll avoid rejected products and use the full potential of your portfolio.

Pairing products to product cards

Easily pair your products with the right product categories. Mergado recognizes 650+ product comparison formats. You don’t have to spend money on wrongly paired products anymore.

Product segmentation

Choose products according to the needs of your strategies. Preparing a campaign that will only apply to a certain category? Don’t want to advertise off-season goods? Or do you want to advertise only the highest margin products? With Mergado, you can easily create selections that are then written into the comparison engine. 

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Try Mergado and facilitate your connection to price comparison sites. The first 30 days of using Mergado are free.

Connection to 650+ platforms

Connect to new channels and show your products to potential customers. With format converters, expansion to any product comparison site or marketplace is just a matter of a few clicks.

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