Bidding Fox Elements

This app creates new elements and uses statistical data not only from the comparison engines. It improves your advertising settings and performance. BFE works with information about clicks, conversions, average cost, etc. Based on the information you get from it, you can improve your advertising in Mergado.

Articles on Bidding Fox Elements:

Manage to advertise centrally using configuration CSVs

Learn a new way to set up advertising in Mergado automatically and in bulk. Ever since we introduced the rule for importing data from CSV files, you can edit specific parts of your advertising from one place by creating configuration CSVs.

Use Mergado as a data feed editor

Did you know that with Mergado you can edit not only feeds for comparison engines but also do general modifications of XML and CSV feeds, which you then use for importing into the online store or for wholesale partners? Let's see what Mergado can do as a data feed editor.