Elements (or tags) are parts of an XML feed and always contain one specific information - about the name of the product, its price, etc. Each comparison shopping engine requires using slightly different elements and their structure. Mergado can convert elements between various comparison engines, which allows you to expand your advertising to more of them.

Articles on elements/tags in Mergado:

The latest Mergado release will make you even more productive

This year's first release includes a big feature pack. Our developers have prepared many new supported formats, improved rules, and tweaks, such as export duplicating. If you're wondering how we're moving Mergado's performance further, read this article.

Edit products in bulk using rules in Mergado

Mergado's automation of advertising is largely based on using rules and applying them to products in the feed. You can apply rules to all products, or use them in combination with queries to determine which rule will apply to particular items. This article introduces the latest and most used rules in Mergado.