The OpenCart system offers ecommerce owners and marketers rich online marketing possibilities. This open-source solution includes a number of design templates and extensions with features for better e-commerce creation.

With the free Mergado Pack extension for the OpenCart platform, you can create product XML exports for well-known comparators such as Google Shopping, Facebook Shops, Heureka, Zboží.cz, or GLAMI. You can make the administration of multilingual ecommerce easier with the multistore function. The extension also enables the measurement of conversions using the GLAMI piXel, Facebook pixel services and the use of the Google Tag Manager options.

Through this regular section you will get an overview of news and tips on working with the OpenCart extension.



Articles about OpenCart platform:

Top the competition with the newest Mergado Pack features

Mergado Pack has come a long way in recent months and has become a strong player among the tools that make advertising on various channels more effective. Let's see how its latest news helps you get the most out of your online store.

Discover the benefits of multistore with Mergado Pack

Do you own several online stores, and each has its own administration? Simplify their management and use the best place for your business - multistore. All stores are clearly systematized in one place, which saves your time and costs in managing your business.

With the new Mergado Pack feature, you handle more complex export generation

In the last article, we introduced cron service - a new feature in Mergado Pack, which is useful for every store that works with an XML feed. Today we will focus on another innovation - the gradual generation of exports. Learn why it's worth using this functionality.

With the new Mergado module, you connect online stores from OpenCart

After modules for PrestaShop, Magento, and WooCommerce (Wordpress), we introduce you the Mergado Pack module for OpenCart. With it, you connect Mergado with this popular e-commerce solution, which offers extensive options for further setup.

Set your GLAMI piXel in the Mergado Marketing Pack module

Mergado Marketing Pack is a module that connects Mergado with frequently used e-shop platforms. There has been added new feature to the GLAMI piXel setting for all three supported platforms - PrestaShop, Magento, and WooCommerce. Show your offer to your GLAMI customers by using GLAMI piXel. Let's show you how.