Mergado associates other services and platforms that help you optimize your advertising on comparison shopping engines. Try for yourself!


Expand the possibilities of Mergado with new tools that help increase benefit for your online store. If it’s an image editing tool for your facebook ad, tool for automatic bidding, data analysis, price policy management or another, they are all here to help you. Moreover, you can try them for free to see if they bring you a real benefit. Visit our Mergado store to start.

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Solution for eCommerce developers

Are you an online store creator looking for a simple way to enable your clients to sell on comparison shopping engines without a need to keep track of constant changes in XML feed specifications? We have a solution for you – Mergado product XML. All you have to do is to teach your shop system to support one of Mergado XML formats and Mergado will provide conversion into dozens of different advertising systems. Visit Mergado service for online store creators and find out more.

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