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Connect your ecommerce to the world of online marketing with the FREE Mergado Pack modules for OpenCart, PrestaShop and WooCommerce.     

Mergado Pack is a free tool that makes managing online marketing easier by generating an universal feed and implementing conversion tracking scripts. It helps you create better XML data feeds and integrate services like Facebook Pixel, Glami piXel, conversion tracking for Google Ads and more.


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With the new Mergado Pack feature, you handle more complex export generation

In the last article, we introduced cron service - a new feature in Mergado Pack, which is useful for every store that works with an XML feed. Today we will focus on another innovation - the gradual generation of exports. Learn why it's worth using this functionality.

Crons open the door for better automation

Do you own an online store or do you manage several of them? In your work, you have certainly met Cron - a service that monitors the regular tasks starting on web hosting. Its use will ensure the automatic generation of an XML feed, and in the following lines, we will explain why you cannot do without it when exporting from Mergado Pack.

Mergado marketing pack for PrestaShop

Some time ago, PrestaShop introduced its version 1.7. Unlike previous versions, this system works on a different core. This means most modules were no longer compatible with PrestaShop‘s new version. Until recently, this was also the case for the Mergado Marketing Pack module.