What is Geizhals?

The Austrian Geizhals is one of the largest comparison engines in German-speaking countries. It was created in 1996 as a hobby project of the then assistant of the Vienna University of Technology DI Marinos Yannikos. In a short time, the website had 120 registered resellers and 74,000 visits per month. That is why in 2000, its founder decided to transform the project into a commercial platform. In 2009, Geizhals started the expansion and entered the British market with the domain A year later, it added the Polish

Since 2011, it has also offered an application for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Currently, you can find over 2 million products here. And over 13 million visitors monthly come to the Austrian and German domains.


Where can you advertise with Geizhals?

Geizhals operates in 4 European countries and also on the international domain

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How to advertise on Geizhals?

All information about the feed specification for Geizhals can be found at:

The data source is traditional XML, CSV, and XLS (xlsx) imports.

Files must be stored at a URL. Alternatively, the feed can be hosted on an FTP server.

How can Mergado help you with advertising on Geizhals?

Mergado is a feed marketing tool with which you can set up advertising in bulk and automatically for many comparison engines, including Geizhals.

  • Mergado offers complete support for Geizhals format.
  • We offer a Feed audit.
  • Do you use or want to use some e-commerce platforms for advertising on Geizhals? Connect them conveniently with Mergado using the Mergado Pack.
  • You can bulk edit images that are pivotal for comparison engines in the Feed Image Editor app.



Articles on advertising with Geizhals

With Geizhals, you can advertise in several European markets

The Geizhals is one of the biggest comparison engines in Austria and Germany. In addition, it operates in two other European countries and also in an international domain. Currently, you can find over 2 million products and over 13 million visits per month on its Austrian and German domains.