Google Ads

Google Ads is a Google service. Here, advertisers can offer their products on the Google search network and on search engines that use Google technology (such as Tiscali). Or in Google’s content network, where advertising is displayed on partner sites in the form of texts and mainly banners.

Mergado can help you to edit feeds for Google Ads. You can easily manage your Search Campaigns, DSA Campaigns, Content Network Campaigns, Smart Campaigns and Shopping Campaigns. In a few clicks, in a simple interface and without a programmer

Google Ads’s supported integrations

Google Ads Dynamic Remarketing
Google Ads DSA

Types of possible Google ad formats:

  • Search campaigns
  • DSA Search Campaigns
  • Campaigns in the content network 
  • Shopping campaigns 
  • Smart Campaigns
  • Video campaigns on YouTube
  • Discovery campaigns 
  • Mobile app campaigns

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