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Article published 31. 03. 2021
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Is traffic to your site stagnating or declining? Ordelogy company, which develops apps for e‑shoppers, will help you to manage the situation. One of their apps is Cron Runner. It runs processes on the web regularly with the help of cron. Find out how this app will increase your traffic.

How to increase the quality traffic

Cron Runner is a new app, but it is already fully operational. To test it in practice, the Ordelogy team deployed it on a fashion affiliate catalog. It is built on the WordPress platform with WooCommerce and uses the WP All Import plugin.

In the last two years, the catalog showed a stable number of visitors with a growth tendency without fluctuations. Apart from automatic product updates and replenishments, there was no work on the site.

Ordelogy launched a more frequent product update via the application. It took place at the maximum frequency through hosting until then:

  • download XML feed once a day
  • processing of the last downloaded feed every two hours

Recommendation — processing should be done more often than downloading.

Take advantage of the higher update frequency

To start the processing of feeds, Ordelogy deployed the Cron Runner app to the catalog with a start frequency every ten minutes. It meant that new products appeared faster on the web. Search engines immediately noticed them, indexed them, and displayed them to users in search.

Specialist Martin Čtvrtníček from Ordelogy adds:
“Google began to like the fact that we have new products as the first or one of the first, and it increased our traffic to the catalog.”

What results did the changes in the update bring?

At the beginning of 2020, monthly traffic from unpaid Google searches ranged from 882 to 2,578 visits. In October 2020, after the app was deployed, Cron Runner made 3218 visits and in November to 6879 visits.

Let’s look at the year-on-year comparison of traffic

  • January — November (2020 versus 2019): + 192% (whole period)
  • January — September (2020 versus 2019): + 114% (slower updates)
  • October — November (2020 versus 2019): + 602% (faster updates)

The changes in traffic between 2019 and 2020 show that in two months there was a threefold year-on-year increase in visits.

The traffic quality remained at a similar level, but the raised traffic brought Ordelogy a comparable increase in income from affiliate commissions.

Make your store visible among the competition

It is important to have new content first or among the first for SEO. Remember, the original always takes precedence. The others are essentially duplicates.

Many online stores work with the same sources of imported data. Sites, where Google or Seznam do not display new products among the first, have lower search visibility.

You can edit your affiliate data sources before importing to get more visits by covering your search queries. Translate foreign language data sources from suppliers into a few clicks using the Translating Parrot application.

How to get among the first:

  • Process news in the feed quickly.
  • Obtain product data from the supplier in advance.
  • Get Cron Runner to set the frequency of processing imported data.

Try Cron Runner for 15 days for free and save time when running major processes in your store.

The article has been created in collaboration with Ordelogy.

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Author / Lukáš Horák / 31. 03. 2021

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