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What are the advantages and disadvantages of selling on Allegro, what do you need to sell and is it even worth selling on this marketplace? In this article, we’ll take a detailed look at everything you need to know about the Polish giant that is slowly starting to conquer Central European e‑commerce. 

Marketplaces are a topic that never ceases to resonate through the e‑commerce world. And rightly so. Globally, more than 35% of all online purchases are made on online marketplaces, and Europeans make half of their purchases on marketplaces. Marketplaces have expanded by 500% globally since 2007 and are expected to account for almost 60% of online sales by 2027. Where does Allegro stand on this balance?

Allegro is no newcomer to the global e‑commerce scene.  It has a 20-year history that has earned it a dominant position in Poland with a 50% share of all e‑commerce. This makes it the 3rd largest marketplace in Europe after Amazon and Ebay and the 23rd in the world. This is also visible in the traffic. The marketplace receives a total of 200 million visits per month.

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How Allegro is doing in the Czech Republic

Allegro launched the Czech domain in May 2023. By the end of the year, it had managed to sell goods worth a total of CZK 3.9 billion, making it one of the biggest e‑commerce players ever in the country.

Interesting figures about Allegro in the Czech Republic

  • The average order value in 2023 was CZK 2,445.
  • Allegro managed to double the number of active buyers quarter-on-quarter to 1.6 million, thanks to by far the widest range of products on the market.
  • By December 2023, Allegro had achieved more than 90% spontaneous brand awareness. It has also become one of the most visited e‑commerce sites and one of the most downloaded apps in the country.
  • While the very first item sold through was an action figure from a popular comic book series, according to Allegro data from last August, the House and Garden category is the one most explored by Czech consumers. 

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Is it worth selling on Allegro?

Don’t worry about trying out Allegro — you don’t pay anything to create a seller account. Besides that, Allegro offers other benefits such as:

  • Lower start-up costs: you don’t need your own online store.
  • Credibility and reliability: 87% of people in Poland associate the word e‑commerce with the Allegro brand
  • Large and diverse customer base: you will have access to more than 22 million customers
  • Chance to penetrate the international market: Allegro delivers to 24 EU countries, with localised websites for Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • Promotion: you have simple marketing directly in the marketplace platform

llegro has no mandatory monthly fees. However, to be seen, count on some investment. Allegro offers so-called paid subscriptions for €10, €40, and €600, which open the door to analytics or adding your logo to offers.

  • fees: €0; however, there is a subscription option with access to extended features
  • commission: 5 – 20% according to categories, more details here (only in Polish)
  • connection: manual, API

How does selling on Allegro work? 

Commission on sales through Allegro is determined by their price list. You can easily calculate the cost of your sales using the fee calculator. The commission on sales depends on the category, but usually ranges from 2 to 17%. In rare cases you will pay a listing fee, but this applies only to a few categories or when the value of the product is over CZK 75,000.

What is Allegro Smart! 

Allegro customers can take advantage of Allegro’s Smart! loyalty program, which includes free delivery and returns. Retailers who have offers marked with the Smart! badge grow sales 2.5 times faster than retailers who don’t.

How do you earn the badge? Your offers will be automatically assigned a badge if:

  • Provide at least one of the following delivery method if you ship from Poland (if you ship outside Poland, read here)
    • Allegro Courier UPS
    • Allegro Courier DPD
    • Allegro Pocztex Courier 48, for the offer
  • Have five unique “recommend” ratings on your account over the past 12 months and a recommendation ratio of at least 98%
  • Or have the Super Seller status 
Are you planning to expand abroad with Allegro? Translate your feed 

With Mergado Translate you can translate your feed into the language of the country you want to sell in. Automatically and without the need for a translator. 

How to connect to Allegro 

The Mergado Marketplaces app makes listing on Allegro quick and easy. All you need is a verified company account on Allegro, a product feed in Mergado Editor with GTIN codes and a Mall or Heureka availability feed. You can try the app for 30 days for free as part of the trial period, just activate it in our Mergado Store.

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