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In April 2021, the online marketplace became Another giant with 32 million monthly visits joined the group of German Internet marketplaces. In the current release, we have added the format to Mergado, with which you can join more than seven thousand sellers on this platform. In our article, you learn why you should advertise on and what you need for seller registration and successful sales.

Why sell goods through

Strong brand and fair pricing policy is a strong brand with a great reach, which will most likely increase in the coming years. As a seller, you have the chance to take advantage of the company's reputation, credibility, and its existing customer base. A big plus of advertising via is also advantageous and transparent price conditions for sellers. Kaufland receives all payments from customers. The amount net of commission is then sent to the seller in the form of a credit note. Advertising can be stopped at any time. There is no minimum cooperation time.

Technical and marketing background offers twelve types of payment methods. It simplifies the purchasing process for customers and brings higher conversions. The seller thus eliminates the need to resolve procedural issues associated with payment methods and payment processing.

The marketplace also takes over the first level of customer support and tries to solve all questions without the seller's help. Thus, only a part of the unresolved tickets passes to the seller himself. The strong marketing behind is also worth mentioning. Whether it's SEO, Google Shopping, or banner advertising, your goods can now be more visible on the Internet with In addition, sellers can pay extra for advertising directly on the website, its regular newsletter, or the platform's social networks.

You can find the place for promoting products directly on the homepage. Source:

Order receiving and shipping provision

The marketplace accepts all orders. The seller will receive information about the ordered goods by e-mail, via CSV export, or API. Then he sends the goods directly to the German customer (the choice of courier service is up to the seller). As part of the shipping, it is also necessary to ensure the possibility of returning the goods from Germany back to your domestic country (this is even one of the conditions for registration on

Convenient access for foreign sellers

The info portal for sellers is currently available in four languages ​​- German, English, Czech, and Chinese. Therefore, it is relatively easy for foreign sellers to enter this marketplace. support is ready to help every seller.

Becoming a seller on is easy

Entering has relatively favorable conditions. You must:

  1. be a business operator
  2. have customer support in German (at least in writing)
  3. have a product feed in german
  4. operate with valid EAN (GTIN) for all offered products
  5. arrange shipment of goods to and from Germany (when returning goods)
  6. have a tax registration through OSS (EU regime)

Did you know that you can easily translate a feed into German with our Translating Parrot app? Try it for a free ten days trial period.

A fine-tuned feed is the must

The quality product feed at has the biggest influence on the placement of your products. The better the feed state is, the higher the product position your advertisement gets.

Mandatory product attributes are as follows:

  • EAN
  • Category
  • Product Name
  • Description
  • Images
  • Producer

Other possible mandatory parameters, such as size, color, quantity, and others, apply only to certain categories. Mandatory elements overview can be found in the documentation.

To successfully publish a bid, you must add the following mandatory attributes:

  • EAN
  • State of goods
  • Price
  • Delivery date (min + max)

Use Mergado and generate a feed for today. Create an account and learn about the first steps in our guide.

Where to register as a seller?

You can register a new seller here. Basic membership costs € 39.95 per month. Alternatively, Kaufland also offers a second variant of membership for € 49.90, which is extended by linking to your online store. As mentioned above, you can terminate your membership at any time without penalty.

Linking to the online store at the top left is part of the extended membership for 49.90 €. Source:

The registration guide is available in four languages. Although the translation is not always 100% complete, the whole registration process is relatively intuitive. If you are unsure about registration, contact Kaufland support at (+49) 0221-5679 7203 or e-mail

Seller University has prepared a practical manual called Seller University. In a series of short videos, you will learn everything you need to become a successful seller here. And if something is still not clear, its support will help you.

Find answers to the most questions at the sophisticated Seller University. Source: offers many opportunities to succeed. If you are interested in its options, sign up now. New customers who register on by 6 August get free user fees for the first three months.

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