Mergado visited E-commerce Expo Krakow

The fact that Mergado speaks Polish is no longer anything new. To get a better insight into the Polish e-commerce environment, we went to Krakow for  E-commerce Expo two weeks ago. What interesting stuff did we find there? Read our short report.

Beauties of Krakow

A few months ago we decided to plan a business trip to Poland. Back then it seemed like a distant future. Then a few days passed and suddenly we sat on the bus to Krakow. If you were in Krakow, you know that it is a city with beautiful architecture.

Our expedition got accommodation literally in the street below the castle. So our first steps went directly to the Wawel castle, from which we had a beautiful view of the entire city. Sightseeing got us a little hungry. But the local dishes satisfied our hunger more than well. Then we took a short walk through the city and went to bed early to have enough energy for the upcoming fair.

From magazines to agencies and tools

Krakow's E-commerce Expo offered a large number of diverse exhibitors in one place. We were surprised by the number of e-commerce journals. Among the exhibitors, you could also find e-commerce solutions, carriers, marketing agencies, or feed editing tools. In addition to the stalls, participants could also attend lectures.

In the hall, we also saw our Slovak colleagues from Expandeco and the Przesyłkownia. We had a couple of business appointments and we had a fun talk about Czech, Slovak and Polish e-commerce stereotypes. Thanks to our colleague Anna, we were able to communicate in Polish, so there was no language barrier.

E-commerce Expo Krakow has been an experience for us and has given us an insight into another e-commerce world. We look forward to using this knowledge in our future work. Do you also visit international fairs to get inspiration? Let us know what your experience is.

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