Mergado Pack for WooCommerce will now help you collect reviews for Biano Star

Article published 29. 03. 2022
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Many users are skeptical to buy furniture online. When they can’t see it for themselves, reviews from other customers often help them choose. Such a function was introduced in 2021 by Biano. It’s called Biano Star, and with the Mergado Pack, you can newly set it up for advertising on WooCommerce.

What is Biano Star

Biano Star helps increase performance and streamline online store optimization by displaying verified customer reviews. After finishing the purchase, the user can share his feedback. He can describe how satisfied he was with the store’s communication, its shipping or evaluate the price and quality. The reviews provide feedback and build the credibility of the deals.

Are you interested in how Biano Star works, how to implement it or how to advertise using Mergado? Read all about it in the Biano introduces a new Biano Star feature. It increases your sales with reviews article.

How to integrate Biano Star in Mergado Pack for WooCommerce

In the WooCommerce module, you can find the function on the page Advertising systems > Biano > Biano Star.


  1. Biano Star is dependent on the Biano Pixel function. Therefore, activate Biano Pixel first and then Biano Star (both are within the Mergado Pack on one page).
  2. In its settings, you specify how many days from receipt of the order you can ship the goods based on its availability (In stock, On order, Out of stock). 
    • This field is optional. If you do not complete it, Biano will consider the order to be shipped six weeks after purchase or according to the information you send in the product feed (typically <DELIVERY_DATE> or <SHIPPING_DATE> tags).
    • If there are goods with different availability within the order, the later date will always be used.
  3. As with most similar services, it adds a checkbox function to the end of the purchase process:
    • The form of consent is opt-out. The customer must therefore indicate that he does not agree with sending a questionnaire from Biano.
    • You can edit the text for each active language in the online store.
  • Biano recently made it possible to review products that are not listed in its system. We plan to add this option to the plugin as well.

What other new functions have been added to the Mergado Pack? Read the release notes in our forum.

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Author / Lukáš Horák / 29. 03. 2022

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