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Article published 22. 04. 2020
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ShopAlike is a big player in several online markets. It focuses on comparing fashion and furniture in 13 European countries. If you are thinking about an expansion with your products here, read what you need to focus on.

It is easy to get involved

On the ShopAlike website, customers find a wide range of products from a large number of online stores. To be able to advertise your goods, you need to do a quick registration. Access to ShopAlike is free, it only requires to upload the feed URL of your store. Criteria for the registered sellers include a minimal number of products in the offer, several payment options for purchasing, and categorizing your products.

Extend your reach

The engine works on the principle of combining the cost per click and the popularity of the given assortment. That’s why you must have a well-set XML feed. Remember to set the elements in your feed according to the engine specifications.

  • Almost every comparison engine requires adding important elements. Using the attribute for product size is vital in fashion. If you state the sizes in your feed only in the form of a number without the US/EU/UK designation, you confuse the customer and the engine system. ShopAlike proceeds differently when setting the size. The values are not included in the Param|size parameter. The user sets the value into any parameter, contacts the ShopAlike support which takes this information by himself.

    Example: <COLOR>Silver</COLOR>


    Other attributes that stores must focus on are the missing color, product’s gender, and the original price of the discounted goods. ShopAlike also separately distinguishes the CPC element for mobile phone <MOBILE_CPC>0.015</MOBILE_CPC> and for desktop <DESKTOP_CPC>0.02</DESKTOP_CPC>.

  • Don’t forget to properly specify the products. Define their type, material, color, size, style, theme, or pattern in the description. A more detailed description helps to classify your products deeper into filters and subcategories.

  • When editing a feed, don’t miss pairing categories according to the ShopAlike category tree. If your store has categories that the comparison engine does not support, you need to change and sort them according to specific criteria.

  • If your store is combined into several languages (e. g. part in English and part in German), adjust it to the unified language form. Sending a multilingual feed is a problem for Google, which additionally tags products. That’s why you should edit your product descriptions in one language.

Discover the possibilities of ShopAlike. Its main advantage is you’ll be able to advertise on its multiple language versions and get more customers from all around Europe.

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Author / Petra Marková / 22. 04. 2020

With her melodious Slovak language skills, copywriter Petra takes care of the Slovak market. She texts, blogs, translates and passionately creates content on social networks. And when she’s not looking for the right words, she dedicates time to her residential jungle, baking, cafes, or traveling.

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