Feed Image Editor introduces many powerful features

The January release of the Feed Image Editor app brings a lot of new functionalities that will simplify your work with image advertising. Image marketing can be mastered in just a few clicks, thanks to an improved user interface and improved background processes. We'll show you how.

The app welcomes new and more useful tools

One of the biggest news is the canvas has been enlarged by up to 35 %. With that, the creative editing of the images gains more space.

Control panels have also been improved. The right side has got a clear product tab and new functionalities. Those are displayed in the list above, with the number of products currently applied to the template.

The left panel, which contains the most used platform control tools, has been customized for more efficient layer manipulation. That puts the most important tasks, like centering, rotating or flipping the image, right at hand.

A preview of improved buttons. source: feed-image-editor.com

Explore a wide range of styles and fonts

FIE has added an extensive stock of editing styles and improved settings. In Live View, you can choose the font first and then the style itself. New layer adjustment panels add fluidity to the entire application. The control fields are currently sorted by work order.

The latest addition to the app is creating a template in a variety of sizes. That means the elements in the layers also adapt to change the format.


A preview of a format change. Source: feed-image-editor.com

The way to perfect image advertising leads through a precise adjustment of product photos. Not sure where or how to start? Follow the Feed Image Editor blog, which introduces each process step by step.


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