The latest Mergado release will make you even more productive

This year's first release includes a big feature pack. Our developers have prepared many new supported formats, improved rules, and tweaks, such as export duplicating. If you're wondering how we're moving Mergado's performance further, read this article.

Say hello to a new feature

In January, we introduced several useful features to improve the work in the feed. One of them is the option to choose feed's complete copy in an export. The result is an exact duplicate of all queries, rules, tags, and variables. However, you need to be careful about running apps that do not automatically turn on when you re-export.

The release has also brought an improvement in the Shipping Rates Settings rule, which now supports the usage of variables. We have also improved the Data File Import rule – it allows you now to apply rules when changing external data.

Duplicating an export in Mergado.

More from the world of formats

The number of supported formats in Mergado gets to four hundred. Currently, we have added support for a group of Slovenian, Croatian, Bosnian-Hercegovina, Serbian, and Bulgarian comparison engines.

The Google Ads DSA format is now available for another 26 countries which run audit on our platform. GLAMI and Stileo have got support for audits in a number of languages, and we have added Brazil, Holland, and Romania for Biano. Croatia and Slovenia have got Google and Facebook formats.

What other functionalities you may find in Mergado?

  • rules that support regular expressions now have help for more efficient use of backreferences
  • customized workflow when working with custom formats
  • fixed bugs on Products page when displaying products, importing rules in bulk, and searching for stores in the blue bar
  • the export history page displays the correct number of items
  • MQL feature in the form of a special tag @MERGADO_ID, which you can use to select specific products according to internal ID in Mergado and its apps


The Shipping Rates Settings rule supports the usage of variables.

Do you want to know of all the latest news and fixes in our releases? Keep track with the thread in our forum. You get the complete information and useful details there.

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