Mergado introduces the new feature – Macros

Article published 04.10.2019

Over the past months, we've been working hard on a new feature that takes Mergado advertising opportunities a step further. It is the first version of the so-called Macros, which is a part of the current release of Mergado news. Let's take a look at what its benefits are.

Many jobs saved with one click

Mergado will make your work a lot easier soon. We introduce the idea of automatically created queries for certain products and rules that perform a specific action based on those queries (for example adding the manufacturer to the product name). Our developer team has completed the first set of Macros. At this stage, only Mergado specialists can create them. With the first wave of feedback and tips for improvements, the feature is going to be made available for users in the full version.

What Mergado Macros can do

  • The user can create Macros and then share them. The function itself is based on a structure similar to the other software. This means that it is primarily a sequence of actions, such as creating queries, rules, and elements.
  • Publishing settings is also a benefit, making these sets of actions available for other users or usable for the specific purpose of those who set them up.
  • The current version contains basic rules. Soon, even complex rules will be added - for example, Bulk overwrite by values.
We are currently working to ensure that each rule has an English translation.
  • Macros are available for every export. Before running them, you can check their activity in Mergado and adjust the output values (you can pre-set Macro parameters such as element names or amounts in the currency).
  • An example is a Macro that hides low-priced products - with a single click, it creates a query with a price less than a specific amount, while hiding the rule applied to that query.
Example of a rules for Macros.

Bottom line - the possibilities of using Macros aim to a great acceleration of the work with Mergado. Their release will bring many questions, and we will be happy to answer them. In our team, we believe that Macros will dynamically move forward, and with a single click, you will soon be able to ease the query creation and apply the rules.

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