Understand customer behavior in detail using Samba.ai

Want to create functional cross-channel marketing campaigns for your store but don't know where to start? Do the length of testing, the cost of work and other obstacles deter you from developing such strategies? Take advantage of Samba.ai. It is driven by artificial intelligence that processes each customer's shopping cycles to get them exactly what they need.

Artificial intelligence with a new generation of tools

Samba's artificial intelligence processes customer behavior on your site and - based on the data collected - designs, builds and runs your campaigns. Your store will use that for distributing messages through selected marketing channels - mailing, Facebook, or push notifications in the browser. In addition to the messaging service, Samba.ai includes a rich analytics section. Thanks to it, you will understand what works well and what needs to be improved, at your store pages.


Samba.ai preview. Source: www.samba.ai/blog

Don't be alone in managing feeds, prepare data with Mergado

Well-prepared data is essential for the proper functioning of Samba. These are provided in three basic data feeds - for customer data, products, and orders. Samba downloads XML files every day and informs its users about errors in feeds.

And this is where you use Mergado. Whether you run a small business or sell thousands of products, use our feed marketing tool to fix file structure. The process of integrating data into Samba, and thus the success of your campaigns, will greatly speed up.


Samba One will also help websites outside of e-commerce

Samba will soon introduce another handy tool. Samba One will deliver content that is more engaging to non-e-commerce site visitors.

To use the service effectively, you need to define so-called conversion goals - you need to understand what a visitor to your site is trying to achieve (to start life insurance, apply for a mortgage, etc.). Samba One will then regularly monitor selected customer targets and predict their next steps with an intelligent scoring model and speed up a way to them.

Samba One can do this without using data feeds, which usually takes longer to prepare. Just add one line of a script in your page code, so the entire service can be deployed, start to learn and be valuable in a matter of days.


Simplify your online marketing experience. Use tools that reflect the requirements of a dynamically developing market. If you choose to use both Samba and Mergado, you will get two powerful helpers to get you operationally efficient with minimal risk.


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