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Article published 01. 09. 2019
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Summer was a busy time for Mergado’s team, as we have scheduled a variety of updates for these last few weeks. What has changed and why these amendments make work with Mergado easier than ever? Learn from today’s article.

What’s new in Mergado?

One of the newest updates in Mergado is an improvement of rule application visibility and it has been introduced together with changes to the interface of Product Page. Now, all the products have been supplied with the Product Tracing Sheet, facilitating its activation and enabling a quick view of all the modifications resulting from rule application.

Another upgrade affects configuration of UTM parameters, as now you can choose which element will be chosen as a target. The rules of this type that have been created before the update keep the preset element (the one that Mergado set for it before).

Useful and popular rule Override Values in Bulk is upgraded in regular expression mode. Numbered backreferences can currently be used in the right column. These refer to text that catches regular expressions in the left column. 

On the top of that we have introduced a change to the Product Page itself. Now it is enriched with the icon enabling a new rule addition for the existing set of products.

More news

  • Our team continues works on optimalization of AI for the situation when a web browser makes in the background multiple, parallel queries to our server;
  • We amended the rule of Bulk Rewrite which has accelerated more than 10 times. In practice, it represents acceleration of performance from 1+ hour to 5 minutes.
  • New formats has been added to Mergado:
  1. CSV🇦🇹
  2. 2Performant CSV🇷🇴
  3. Google Shopping/​Merchant Hungary and Romania 🇭🇺🇷🇴

Mergado has been enriched with new rule for the Import Data File. Do you want to learn more about it? Stay tuned for the next article, where we will talk about it in detail and in the meantime, let us know how do you like new features of Mergado.

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Author / Anna Grzelczak / 01. 09. 2019

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