Reach new customers at Biano using the Visual Search functionality

Shopping engine Biano has officially introduced a new website design. As part of it, it provided e-shops and users with the possibility of using the Visual Search functionality. This innovation uses artificial intelligence to analyze images of selected goods and offer similar or identical products.

To discover the desired goods, upload a photo or an image

It often happens that a person sees a product that he likes, but because he does not know its name or manufacturer, he will not be able to find it back. That's why Biano launched the visual search for furniture and decorations.

If the customer likes something on the internet, during a foreign visit, or at lunch, and does not know where to buy these goods, all he has to do is take a picture of it and upload it to the Biano's website. Its system analyzes the image and assigns real products from the Biano catalog to it, from where the customer buys them in a specific store.

Where on the Biano website shoppers find Visual Search

  • the panel on the homepage
  • all over the web in the form of a pink icon with a camera in the web header
Access the Visual Search functionality on the Biano website. Source:

What your online store must meet to use Visual Search

If you are actively advertising on Biano, your offer automatically becomes part of this feature. To fully use the Visual Search functionality, the engine recommends sending as many product images in the maximum resolution as possible.

In which countries is the function available

You may use it all countries in whose online markets Biano operates:

  • Czech Republic
  • Slovakia
  • Romania
  • Brazil
  • Netherlands

The first in a series of AI product innovations

This innovation, which is already positively evaluated by shoppers and online stores for clarity and attractiveness, is the first in a series of other product improvements through artificial intelligence. The system was developed by Biano's internal team, which is to present other AI-based innovations this year.


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