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Article published 28. 08. 2019
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Are you planning expansion to Polish Market? If yes, Nokaut.pl is a great place to effectively promote your services. In this post we will cover everything you need to know before you start advertising on it.

Why Nokaut.pl?

Widening the spectrum of advertising channels is the foundation of successful ecommerce business. Nokaut.pl’ team is well aware of that and to encounter the competition they have created a network of independent publishers to share their content.

Nokaut.pl for e‑shops

One of the biggest strengths of Nokaut.pl is its reach, as it collaborates with the massive Polish platforms such as  Interia, Avanti, Twenga and Ladny Dom. Because of that, ads from their search engine are visible not only to its customers but to the millions of users browsing through the internet.

Nokaut.pl for customers

Another strength of Nokaut.pl is being more than just an advertising platform. They not only advertise or sell products, but also accompany the buyers through the whole purchasing experience.

Nokaut.pl’ blog is a place where potential customer finds information how to choose or use searched products and much more. ‘What is the best mobile phone of 2019?’ or  ‘How to choose hiking equipment?’ are only a few of the most recent articles. To learn more click HERE.

Registration and integration with Nokaut.pl

Registration is free and takes just a few moments. It enables access to the Seller’s Centre from where you are able to configure and share the offer, top-up the account and manage CPC values.  (Find registration page HERE).

Integration between Nokaut.pl and the majority of e‑shop platforms is automatic. If an online store is a custom build, it is needed to manually add a store’s product feed to the Sellers Centre. To do so, please follow the path Offer ->XML Configuration.

Should you want to check all the XML specification, click HERE

XML configuration — requirements

Nokaut requires the following elements of XML feed

  • <nokaut generator=:””> — tag required at the beginning or end of each offer. There are two optional tags “generator” and “ver”. In the quotation marks please provide the name of the platform your online store is built on.
  • <name>
  • <id> unique ID of the offer
  • <description>
  • <url>
  • <price>
  • <category>
  • <producer>

Element <image> is required only in category Fashion, Fragrences, Toys, Furniture, Sheets, Erotic Lingerie, but it is wise to add it to all listings.

Additionally, it is beneficial to add information in so-called optional fields. The more information about the product, the happier and more satisfied customer. 

Optional fields:

  • <property>
  • <image>
  • <promo>
  • <instock>
  • <shipping>
  • <availability>
  • <warranty>
  • <price_​old>

Why to use Mergado to advertise on Nokaut.pl?

Each and every comparison site has individual XML settings. Mergado is a great application to automate work with product feeds for all of them without the need to adjust them one by one. 

Additionally, it is great to efficiently use the time dedicated to tasks regarding XML feed.  Mergado allows working with groups of products, adding or hiding products and much more.

Do you use Nokaut.pl? Do you have any additional questions? Let us know in the comments below.

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Author / Anna Grzelczak / 28. 08. 2019

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