Specify GLAMI material composition easily with Mergado

The mandatory support for the PERCENTAGE tag, which GLAMI commences from August 1, is a big e-commerce theme these days. Mergado is going to support the GLAMI material composition specification with the current release on July 11 at 4 pm. Let's see how to set everything up properly.

You need to create new elements

In order for GLAMI to process information about the materials from which your goods are made, the XML feed needs to be structured in one of two ways:


Way 1

To achieve this XML feed structure, you need to:

1. create two new elements on the Mergado Elements page:



2. fill these elements with a value - e.g. Overwrite, Overwrite in Bulk or Rename Values in Bulk rules

3. the element named "PARAM|material|cotton" is assigned a value of 90% for the specific query (i.e. the products concerned) and the second "PARAM|material|elastane" 10%


Way 2

In the second option to set the XML feed structure in Mergado:

1. it is necessary to add the PARAM|material element on the Elements page several times and add numbering for more elements with the same name:




2. consequently, by means of queries and rules, we must again fill the values into individual elements

3. element "PARAM|material" is assigned "90% cotton" and "PARAM|material|1" for "10% elastane"


And that's all. If you follow the instructions in our manual, you will place information about the materials of your goods to GLAMI in a simple way.


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