This is the ultimate guide to beating the competition at GLAMI, and not just before Christmas. No theory, just practical advice from Libor Toporcer from Invelity agency and Simona Borbeľová directly from GLAMI.

This is the ultimate guide to beating the competition at GLAMI, and not just before Christmas. No theory, just practical advice from Libor Toporcer from Invelity agency and Simona Borbeľová directly from GLAMI. Learn them and make GLAMI the main channel to get customers to buy from your fashion and accessories store.

How marketing professionals advertise on GLAMI

Libor Toporcer advises for profitable advertising in the fashion segment:

  1. Have a flexible marketing approach.
    1. Track campaign data daily.
    2. You can work more flexibly with budgets.
    3. EXAMPLES:
      1. If you see positive trending in conversions (or PNOs, for example), track campaigns daily and dedicate yourself to realigning budgets so campaigns don’t stall unnecessarily.
      2. If you don’t track campaigns every day, you can easily lose a portion of the market whose orders you will miss.
  2. Also, use the weeks at the end of October and the beginning of November for campaigns — the big Christmas advertising campaigns are not yet running, but user demand is already many times higher than advertiser supply.
  3. Also focus on the trend of post-Christmas sales and discounts — start planning your post-Christmas campaigns from around 27 December.

THINK ABOUT: As an advertiser on GLAMI, you need to show the customer the right product at the right time. That’s why the goal is not to increase your click-through rates (like Google campaigns), but to think about the quality of the data you send to GLAMI. In this way, you make it easy for the user to find your product and you can increase the share of traffic from GLAMI in the most converting places.

What is the customer behaviour at GLAMI

Most users reach GLAMI through organic and paid search

  • Therefore, customers do not usually start their search on the GLAMI website (direct traffic is only 16 %). 
  • They often come straight to a filtered subcategory with active filters.
  • Therefore, keep in mind that your goal on GLAMI is not necessarily to be seen in the first positions, but to cover user searches within filters and subcategories.

User behaviour on the GLAMI website

The customer who comes to GLAMI, either:

  1. doesn’t know directly what they want — so they scroll and get inspired to find the appropriate answer
  2. knows what they want, so they use filters — that way they can easily find the product they are interested in or go back to do a new search

BEWARE: GLAMI is a high-converting traffic source. However, it can generate you a large number of visits without conversions. Therefore, check your data regularly.

How to filter products on GLAMI

Libor Toporcer recommends that you ideally choose the products that you want to advertise effectively on GLAMI according to the following conditions:

  • products in stock — nowadays customers want to receive all goods as soon as possible, so offer them products that you can ship on the day of order or the next day at the latest
  • large number of products in stock — especially in the more popular fashion segments, make sure you have enough stock of specific products to make the most of GLAMI conversions and ensure your sales don’t stop at the exact moment when they are most in demand
  • popular sizes for men and women — within GLAMI, keep an eye on which products get a lot of clicks and make sure you have enough of their popular sizes in stock — this way your budget doesn’t unnecessarily click on products that are visually appealing, but have non-standard sizes, so customers don’t end up buying them
  • work with data from Google Analytics — use this to turn off or on specific categories or products on GLAMI
  • higher margin products - Libor recommends starting with higher margin products when advertising
  • filtering by category — prioritize categories that work well for you on Google, Facebook or influencer collaborations, for example
Mergado with a 30-day free trial
  • optimize your feed by yourself and save the cost for the developer’s time
  • full access to all features already in the trial version

How to work with feed on GLAMI

To make it as easy as possible for your product data on GLAMI to fulfill its purpose — the customer comes here to find the product they want — your XML feed must meet a key criterion:

Make sure your products are in the right categories
This is one of the most common mistakes that greatly affects the wastage of advertising budget.

  • Pairing them well is a great weapon to complete the purchase of users who use filters when visiting GLAMI, or come to the filter subpage from organic search. 
  • With product parameters, you are able to get to the closest points in the customer’s conversion path that most competitors don’t capture.
  • First, start by looking at the categories where you have the most products. In particular, choose parameters based on where your offering is strongest. This way, you’ll find it easiest to personalise the products that have the most potential to sell (for example, by trend, material or other arbitrary user interest). 
  • Setting parameters is not a one-off. Thanks to MERGADO, you can go through your categories regularly and add filters incrementally. This will efficiently complete your feed and improve its performance.

How to add the right filter to the feed

  1. See the most popular filters in the category.
  2. In MERGADO:
    1. Make sure you have the parameter (element) named correctly.
    2. If not, create a new element with the correct name.
    3. Implement the value in it with a rule.

USE ALTERNATIVE IMAGES: Use them to differentiate your products on the product detail and avoid unnecessary extra clicks.

How to evaluate promotion on GLAMI

Work with data from both GLAMI and GA4 administration. However, keep in mind that data from both sources operate on different attribution models:

  • GLAMI uses a 30-day first-click model
  • GA4 use a data-driven model

What reports to follow

  • data in GLAMI
  • GA4 report source/​medium
  • report secondary dimension (landing page, utm campaign / utm content)
  • % share of total product sales
  • % share of product sub-page views

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