Make discounted products visible on Google Shopping and dynamic remarketing

Article published 16.12.2020

Do you want to display discounted goods in front of shoppers? In Google Shopping and dynamic remarketing, prices in action show discount tags. In this article, we bring you instructions on how to display the current price in the product description together with the crossed-out original price.

Take advantage of the discount tag on Google Shopping

Google Shopping offers the use of several types of labels to help you highlight products in search results for Shopping campaigns. Google calls them "annotations". To view the Discount annotation, you must place the following elements in the Google Merchant Center feed:


  • g:price with the original price of the product
  • g:sale_price with the price of the product after the discount
  • Optionally, you can add the sale_price_effective_date element, which limits the special price only to a particular time range (without this element, the special price will be displayed as long as it is visible in the feed).

Also, you must meet several conditions:

  • The base price for the last 200 days must be charged in at least 30 days.
  • The base price must be valid.
  • The discount price must be lower than the base price.
  • The discount from the base price must not exceed 5 to 90%.


Product card with a discount.

How to set the Discount label in Mergado Pack and Mergado

  • Mergado Pack for PrestaShop and WooCommerce can generate discount_price elements.
  • These elements are filled with discounted prices from the online shop.
  • If the date from which the special price is valid is filled in, they will also generate the sale_price_effective_date element for you.

Example of feed settings from Mergado Pack:


Discount preview.

How to fill the values of the g:sale_price element in Mergado

1. Create two rules to fill g:sale_price and sale_price_effective_date.

2. Fill in discount_price_vat (because you need the final price including tax) and currency to the g:sale_price.

Note: the use of the currency element is not directly mandatory if you have set the default currency for the given source in the Merchant Center.

Example of a rule in Mergado.

3. Follow the same procedure to fill the sale_price_effective_date element.

That's how to set discounts for Google Shopping. After regenerating and loading the product feed, this will show two prices for discounted products in the Merchant Center.


Having a sophisticated system of discounts pays off for the post-Christmas shopping period. Attract customers with clearly visible discount labels and get them to buy right from you.

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