How to manage product data and gain higher profit? Take advantage of feed management

Lukáš Horák
15. 7. 2022
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How to manage product data and gain higher profit? Take advantage of feed management

How to make more money online in 2022? Manual management of product data is a thing of the past. Marketers use the many benefits of feed management to engage customers on as many platforms as possible.

How to make more money online in 2022? Manual management of product data is a thing of the past. Marketers use the many benefits of feed management to engage customers on as many platforms as possible. With it, you can improve the visibility of your brand, products, and services from one place.

Streamline your advertising and eliminate errors

One of the most used terms in digital marketing is “competitive advantage.” Feed management is currently one of the biggest. It is based on the needs of marketers and online store operators to eliminate tedious manual data management and set up automated, error-free sales of goods on multiple platforms. It offers simple feed editing without the need to hire developers and wait for their interventions.

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It usually works on a system of rules that enable content filtering. It allows you to add and edit product information according to the requirements of advertising channels and comparison engines or create segments of best-selling goods. By using it to target all their ads well, refine product data and correct any discrepancies, sellers create effective advertising.

Meet the requirements of advertising channels, comparison engines, and marketplaces

Relying on that an online store will attract customers by itself is not enough today. There are several ways to advertise goods using third parties to increase the visibility of your offer.

For your product ad to be accepted and displayed without errors (and therefore make money for you), these channels require you to deliver product information in a specific format. Each of them has its own requirements that you need to meet. Here, too, feed management plays a major part. It can enable you to advertise on all the advertising systems of your choice from one place.

These processes are based on sending product feeds (often in XML and CSV format, but also as a text file) that contain information about the goods you sell

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What basic information about the products must the feed contain:

  • name (exact name of the product)
  • description (what product or service it is and what it does)
  • price (how much it costs)
  • category (which product group it belongs to)
  • availability (is it in stock or not?)
  • quantity (how many pieces of a product the order will contain)
  • other major attributes: material, size, color, EAN/GTIN number, and basically any information you want to convey to the customer about the product

This way, your goods are more easily listed in the offer of the advertising system and reach higher positions. The user will then see your advertisement when searching for the selected product or service, will be able to click it, and decide whether to purchase the goods.

Read the specifications for advertising on the most popular advertising systems:

What feed management tools do, and how they can help you

It is online software that will help you simplify and automate the optimization of your product data. It also rids you of the need to hire a developer and the waiting associated with his work. The user uploads his input feed to the preferred tool, which he modifies to meet the requirements of each selected advertising channel.

Feed management tools allow you to add data to product descriptions and segment the goods you want to advertise on the advertising portal. They also reduce manual errors and ensure that every product record is immediately active. With their help, you will achieve your sales goals more effectively.

5 reasons why you should use feed management tools

  1. Rejected advertisement: During manual optimization, you can easily make mistakes, due to which the system may not include the goods in the advertisement.
  2. Format issues: Each channel has requirements that you must meet to advertise your products. The data may be incorrectly displayed or inaccurate if you do not send the feed in the appropriate format.
  3. Time and financial delays: Without an automated system, you will have to launch your products one at a time. It will take a long time and cost resources.
  4. Lengthy individual registrations: With manual advertising, you will have to set up product data for each sales channel separately, which takes a long time.
  5. Get ahead of the competition: With better quality data, your offer will get higher in search results. It is a big advantage when clicks are getting more and more expensive.

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Mergado simplifies the control of all feed management processes so you can focus on other essential tasks. In addition, it can manage more than 400 sales channels in 50 countries in one place.

Thousands of customers use Mergado to optimize product feeds. Through it, they meet all the rules of advertising channels and can automatically update product data. The result is effective advertising that you can set up yourself without a programmer.


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Online marketing automation through feed management tools helps you operate product catalogs and advertising on the sales channels of your choice. By using Mergado, you can be sure that your ads will run without errors and improve your conversion rate. You can do all this yourself, even if you are not a marketing genius.

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