Image audit will get rid of the errors in your image advertising

Neglecting to take care of product images does not pay off. There are many errors in image ad settings that allow comparison engines to refuse your product advertising. From the lower hundreds of items in an online store, it is impossible to check images manually. And that's why you should use the Feed Image Editor's image audit.

The image audit works similarly as the Mergado's feed audit

Use image audit to detect errors in the product images and verify if they meet the requirements of comparison engines and advertising channels. It is free and stands on the same system as a feed audit in Mergado.


How image audit works

1. Go to

2. Enter the URL of the XML feed of your online store and click Continue.

3. Choose the comparison engines and advertising channels where you want to advertise.

4. Enter the e-mail where you want to get the results, agree to the terms and conditions, and submit your request.

You will receive the results within 24 hours. Each e-mail also includes instructions on how to correct any errors found.


Having product images in good condition is a must. Keep track of what's missing in your image advertising with the image audit. With Feed Image Editor, you can handle all the image editing you need to keep your ads running smoothly.


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Feed Image Editor introduces many powerful features

The January release of the Feed Image Editor app brings a lot of new functionalities that will simplify your work with image advertising. Image marketing can be mastered in just a few clicks, thanks to an improved user interface and improved background processes. We'll show you how.


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