Avoid running a broken website. Monitoring Horn will automatically monitor its operation

How to ensure that the availability of your site is always 100%? Entrust the control of the website to the new Monitoring Horn application, which will monitor it for you non-stop and automatically. It will help you prevent advertising outages and possible losses.

Keep an easy track of your website

The Monitoring Horn app regularly and at pre-set intervals monitors the selected URL page for you. It ensures that the ad or website always displays correctly. You can also use it if you need to ensure the availability of an XML file or monitor a working link in a paid article linking to your site.

How Monitoring Horn works

What do you need to set up for error-free monitoring?

  • Create a new rule and name it.
  • Enter the URL of the website whose availability you will check.
  • Select a specific scan action (test page availability, existence, or non-existence of text on the page).
  • Enter the text or URL of the link whose occurrence/absence the app will monitor.
  • Fill in the email address for sending notifications of possible outages.
  • Choose how often the monitoring should start, and after how many checks that end in error, the application will send a notification.

Control of the application is user-friendly and intuitive. Also, you do not need to have active exports in Mergado to use it.


  1. Choose which URL the Monitoring Horn will check the element (this can be text or part of an HTML code, such as the URL of a backlink to you).
  2. The application then checks the availability of the selected element at the URL.
  3. If the element cannot be loaded, you will receive an email notifying you of the outage.
  4. When the problem resolves, you will receive an email with troubleshooting information.

You can use the application for:

  • control of non-stop web availability, technical barriers to web browsing or increased traffic

  • checking the availability of advertising and the purchased promotional element (banner, article, etc.) on a third-party site

Monitor the availability of your site and advertising elements automatically. Try Monitoring Horn for ten days for free and ensure the trouble-free operation of your online store.

Monitoring Horn

The Monitoring Horn app checks the availability of the website or advertising elements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In case of a site outage, the user receives a notification to which he can respond and prevent possible losses due to site malfunction. It also automatically checks advertising elements on third-party websites, such as purchased banners.

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