If you run your own marketplace or product search engine, the MERGADO system will help you increase sales and save your time. Michal Janík, the founder of MERGADO, will share with you his ideas from practice.

If you run your own marketplace or product search engine, the MERGADO system will help you increase sales and save your time. Michal Janík, the founder of MERGADO, will share with you his ideas from practice.

About marketplaces

For the following text I will assume a website that presents information about the goods. It gets these from data feeds from online stores. It does not matter whether the site acts as a marketplace (a customer orders on the site) or a product search engine (a customer clicks through to the target online store). The tips are the same.

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Tips on how can MERGADO system help marketplace

1) Feed integration

The basis is the data in the format that the marketplace processes. In Czechia, the formats Heureka.cz/Heureka.sk and Google Shopping are often used. In your country, it can be anything else (see all integrations we support). The MERGADO editor can convert data to the target integration from hundreds of formats ranging from CSV files to special data structures.

2) Hide invalid items

When setting up a project in the MERGADO editor, you can hide items that are not valid. Usually, these are the ones that do not contain category, title, price, image, or text description. Just one of these items is missing and the product card would be of poor quality. If you hide the non-valid items already in the MERGADO Editor, you don’t need to address them in your marketplace.

3) Export only necessary elements

MERGADO Editor allows you to hide elements in your project that your marketplace cannot handle. This will reduce the amount of data and streamline processing. Typical examples are MAX_CPC or HEUREKA_CPC elements. If your marketplace does not reflect the offer per click, in that case it can be for example VAT, various internal elements of the advertiser, sometimes even transport…

4) Mapping categories

The MERGADO Editor’s category setting rule allows you to set category values in bulk. This will simplify processing in the marketplace. A 100% match of the category name is then sufficient. If your marketplace supports an existing category tree (e.g. Heureka), you can use the automatic pairing in this rule.

5) Process parameters

If your marketplace supports parameter processing, it may be useful to rename parameter names or rename parameter values.

6) Automatic translation of product descriptions

Personally, I recommend using only Czech input data for the Czech marketplace. If you still want to translate the content (e.g. from English), I recommend MERGADO Translate. It processes data in bulk.

7) Efficient work in administration

I have saved work in data preparation by importing selections and importing rules from an already set project (another feed). I originally wanted to set up an automation that would do the setup for me. But in the end, I found the import easier. So I didn’t have to click the common settings again every time.

Why use MERGADO Editor

Personally, I see the following benefits:

  • You don’t have to program anything. You can start using it right away
  • Ready know-how on individual tasks. On our forum you will find both information and help.
  • Reasonable price. It is cheaper to use ready-made technologies than to program your own.
  • Your marketplace does not have to solve many situations. You edit the input data.
  • The MERGADO system is extensible. For example, see GPT above. You can adjust the settings to suit your needs.
  • The above procedures are valid for different languages. You can prepare data in any language from Polish to Swedish.

This list is not exhaustive. You will surely find your own ideas on how to improve the data for the marketplace. Plus, we’re always working on new tools and will bring them to you soon. 

Veronika Kusalíková

A copywriter and content specialist Veronika is in charge of the English content and communication. She spreads the word about Mergado and e‑commerce on our blog and social media. After she shuts her computer down, you can catch her knitting a sweater, strolling around second-hand shops or traveling.