Setting categories is not difficult anymore. With the smart rule in Mergado

When managing advertising for comparison engines, you need to set the correct categories according to the category tree of the specific engine. Mergado users can do it with a rule which will significantly speed up the selection of categories. See how to do it.

A few tweaks will help you in the Rename Categories in Bulk rule

Using this rule, Mergado users most easily set categories for many shopping comparison engines. Within its framework, the trees use the categories of individual engines, which the tool regularly downloads and hints.

What the Rename Categories in Bulk rule does

  • On the left side of the rule, you can pre-fill the original categories from the input feed with one click.
  • The left side also offers you three categories in one click. If you need to set others, use the hints.
  • The order of the rows is important in the rule. They are applied from top to bottom -> rows can be dragged with the double arrow icon on their left side.
Preview of the Rename Categories in Bulk rule.

To maintain the order and correct wording of the category name, there are several checks in the rule:

  • line rewrite check
  • check of non-existent categories on the comparison engines (in case of an error or typo on the right)
  • check of "unnecessary lines" - if there is text on the left side that does not contain any categories from the input feed, then such a line is unnecessary in the rule because it does nothing

Other rule options

  • Export to CSV for possible backup of settings. You can also make a backup by duplicating the rule and pausing it (this will create an extra rule, which will be skipped during processing).
  • If you have copied individual categories in the clipboard as separate lines, all you have to do is "paste" them in the rule (ctrl + v), and they will be added to the separate lines on the input values.
  • The rule can also be applied to a specific product query. If you set it, after clicking on the pre-filling values, only those input categories that correspond to it will be pre-filled.

Although renaming categories is a bulk rule, don't put thousands of lines to it. It is better to add it more than once, always for a specific query of the assortment.

Setting the right categories is one of the many regular tasks that Mergado can speed up. Thanks to it, you can manage your advertising clearly and in bulk by yourself, without the need to employ a programmer. Go for its free trial.

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