Work faster with Mergado

The first release of this year is over. It’s been longer than usual since the last release, so there are more improvements and features that will upgrade your work a step further. Let's look at what features you will discover in Mergado.

Product tracking tool

Are you wondering what's happening with the values of attributes as the product passes through the rules? The tracking tool shows changes as the rules are applied and so it gives you a powerful diagnosis. On the Products page, you'll find an icon to enable tracking rules for the next 24 hours. When you enable tracking of a certain product, Mergado will store the changes made by the rules through which the products will pass.

There are two ways to get results:

  • On the Products page, you will get from the tracked product to the changes made within the last rule application.
  • You can find all the changes on the History page after clicking on a specific record from the rules’ application.
On the Products page, you'll find an icon to enable tracking rules for the next 24 hours.

New bulk import of queries

On the Products page, you'll find a button that lets you bulk import queries from exports that the user has access to. The original one-by-one import is canceled.

Enhanced Custom Format

Custom format has received a few minor changes to make it easier for you to work with it. In the format definition form, hidden attributes are color-coded. The ‘Reset All' button has been added. And in Custom Format you now see examples of attribute values.

Bugfixes and speeding up processes

Our developers have made several optimizations to speed up the process of applying rules. The process of evaluating entry queries and the pairing rule for the Heureka Watchdog app has also accelerated.

Additionally, format has been added, and and have been repaired to match the specification. For the format Mergado offers parameter names dynamically according to the most up-to-date specification.

More changes and patches can be found in our forum in this thread. We also warn you of potential outages in advance to deploy new features, so be sure to keep track of it.

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